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  1. Hey guys I've an Ibanez RG 350, vox vt20+, tc electronics flashback delay, Carl Martin rock drive and a boss sd-1 and I can't find a good sound set, what do you suggest?
  2. you can use this website http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri search rocksmith and click on the button ;)
  3. I've used bandicam in the past and other recording softwares, you have to check on the audio settings if your reproduction setting is like this http://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1101109_20170212.pnghttp://i68.tinypic.com/2iv1h7t.png Is in italian but I think that you can understand
  4. yeah zippyshare wants to make money with ads, popups and fake download links, I've notice this too and then I've uploaded a CDLC on Mega
  5. Hi guys, on the live streaming section I can't add my tiwtch channel and I don't know why. When I click on add stream and insert my twitch account or the link for my twitch channel it said: The Stream you submitted is not valid. How to solve this problem?
  6. here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/k281a9g8zxowsox/Articolo%2031%20-%20Domani%20Smetto.txt?dl=0
  7. guys i've used ultrastar creator for the lyrics but now eof doesn't load the txt file, which programm do you use for the lyrics?
  8. Hi guys i'm here in birmingham in a college for a month... so this is not my city and I'm searching any pubs or bar with live music maybe or some metal/rock/punk/blues/ concert that I must look maybe near the aston triangle... So I hope that anyone can help me I'm bored for the moment ;) Inviato dal mio LG-P760 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Guys if you did other songs of green day that aren't in the list please link it here or simply notice me and I will check as soon as possible... now I haven't my pc so I can't search the new cdlc Inviato dal mio LG-P760 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. I think you can post these songs here if who make this one agrees... however for nuclear family try to repack the cdlc with the tool
  11. All the cdlc added ;)
  12. JameS

    New amp

    what about the vox valvetronix 20+? is a tube amp and transistor both what?! better then roland or not?
  13. JameS

    New amp

    I've read some reviews about the new marshall amps and seems that no one like it ( lol ) so I've looking for some roland cube video dimostration and found this seems better then marshall, anyway in the next week I'll go in a music store and will take my decision :)
  14. JameS

    New amp

    Yes, at the moment I'm just looking on internet for make me an idea for the amp I have to look for. If I wont find any amp that I like, I think I'll buy on internet
  15. JameS

    New amp

    I'm not searching a tube amp is too expensive... so what do you suggest?
  16. JameS

    New amp

    I'm just playing in my room for practice I don't need a 100w amp ahahah So the mg15cfx seems fine I think will buy it Inviato dal mio LG-P760 utilizzando Tapatalk
  17. JameS

    New amp

    Do you have this one?
  18. JameS

    New amp

    Guys I wanna buy a new amp, but I'm a newbie I don't know what amp buy, so I need help... I am searching a 15w amp with clean and dist channel ( or overdrive or lead...) I've searching a little bit in the marshall site and I've found this http://www.marshallamps.com/products/amplifiers/mg-carbon-fibre/mg15cfx/ I think it's ok... what do you think?? I accept any suggesting :P
  19. hi fabiosan thanks for this new version, in this one there is the inlay creator how it works? In the old inlay creator I remembered that I chose the directory of the game and after the program automatically applied the new inlays. In this new version there is only a "Generate" button that saves a file, I don't know how to use this file...
  20. tomorrow I will test but I wanna know if it is possible or not :)
  21. :mrgreen: I'm serious I need help :-P
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