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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 302


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welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship


- Week 302 -

Better late than never.





READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships
Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules

Last weeks winners:


Beginner: @klack
Intermediate: @diceslinger
Advanced: @Telboy
MasterClass: @watrobaciemnosci


Beginner: @@Sebb
Intermediate: @ZeroPingNZ
Advanced: @meelo
Masterclass: @watrobaciemnosci


Beginner: @LordMing
Intermediate: @diceslinger

Advanced: @Anwyn

Masterclass: @watrobaciemnosci




This week songs are





Lead Path:

Beginner:        The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (3)   As played week 78

Intermediate:  White Zombie - Warp Asylum  (4)    As played week 78

Advanced:      Metallica - Enter Sandman (Nacholede's Version) (8)    As played week 78

MasterClass:    John Williams - Cantina Band (9)    Chosen by @MaZtoR    Fixed bass versions in the comments


Rhythm Path:
       The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (3)
Advanced:       Metallica - Enter Sandman (Nacholede's Version) (6)
Masterclass:     N/A

Bass Path:
Metallica - Enter Sandman (Nacholede's Version) (4)
Intermediate:    White Zombie - Warp Asylum  (5)
Advanced:        The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (7)
Masterclass:     John Williams - Cantina Band (8)    Fixed bass versions in the comments






Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).

Exercise Challenges:
1st Exercise: Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
2nd Exercise: Blues Comping 2 in A major - straight 8ths
3rd Exercise: Blues Comping 3 in G major

Everyone can bring up new scores that will be added to the
exercises scoreboards

Honorable list Diehard Member:
(draft - to be updated after CCL update)

Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:



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We need your help!!!!


We need players to help with song selection/weekstarts !!!!


If you are interested in joining in to help the team please pm me!!!!!

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let´s go






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Ain't bass wrong on Cantina Band? Shoudn't it be a 5-string B tuning?

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Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

T-Rex Interactive | Box Kid Adventures

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Bass Path
Beginner:          Metallica - Enter Sandman (Nacholede's Version) (4) @95.56%
Intermediate:    White Zombie - Warp Asylum  (5) @75%
Advanced:        The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (7) @68%

PS: I broke my E-String :mellow:
Bought this "Vision"-bass 10 month ago, not that bad for bloody  beginner on a used cheap ass bass

And at least I got a reason to buy those flatwounds now B)


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@@Mortalo  You are absolutely right about the Bass part of cantina being i B.  Don't know how i missed that.



I made 2 fixed versions of cantina band. 1 with the bass in B std and one In E std with a pitch shifter. (use headphones or loud music for the last one)

Links are in the comments on the song page.



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Now i also had the time to do some:


On Bass:






And a try on guitar:




PS: Thanks for White Zombie, they're awesome

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no time this week this is my first and last post....apparently its more important to pack my cases for the weekend than play guitar, she's a bit weird


pbx3swtdfchq18x6g.jpgwent in without hearing without knowing and without having a bloody clue what to expect





i wasn't looking forward to another Metallica song but this is a good one and i just wish i had time to get better at it........ might have beaten the @@MaZtor on master mode ......given time


got my arse kicked big time this week

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-= weekly leaderboard update =-




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Northern Norway was gorgeous, but it's time to pick up the axe again for the first time in almost two weeks.



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Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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<screenshots from bunch of broken DLCs>

Get that CFSM and fix your DLCs. The unrepaired versions are disgusting to look at :lol: If not for the 100 % mastery bug, get it for the scroll speed fixing.

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Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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