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  1. After a somewhat eternal slumber, i return to deliver some mediocre scores with little to no effort!!!
  2. i need to submit something too (lately i just forget to upload before the deadline ^^) dunno if this is really a 6 advaned if i can play it like this also i did this to warmup (but the lead solos are a bit too much fast bending )
  3. guitar round! rhythm... beginner 97% intermediate: 84% advanced: this one is actually hard to play correct 87% master (LOL as if i could play this, but pink floid was as worse?) 83% lead! beginner! intermediate: advanced: dunno when i startet participating, but could be about 100 weeks ago (week 302 to be precise)
  4. Bass ROUND! sadly to less time but i wanna participate! beginner: 98% intermediate 97% Intermediate bonus!: 97% advanced: 93 % (oof :D) advanced bonus: 98% and the metaleca album:
  5. damn i screenshotted the score with a gold pick over the precision score so another one here
  6. This is kinda harder than the cradle of filth lead
  7. Also some in the rhythm path, but i wont submit the gold, its kinda weird
  8. whoup whoup, i would rate it lower than an 8 tho its not that hard
  9. phew barely made it!! also here are two submissions for lead and rhythm for the arctic monkey song
  10. juding on the state of my hand, this will be my submit this week
  11. > unless @theholydevil wants to level up and take the win hahahah nope! i don't think that song should have a ranking that high
  12. Sadly I only have a fr guitar in e-std in my hands rn, so no drop d and no bass (bass is without plectrum tho ) Lead: - Beginner: - Intermediate: Rhythm: - Beginner: - Advanced: Bass Advanced:
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