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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 89


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There is compression 45% seems. But with more compression it sounds boring, i tried :)

And i still yet doubt about ghost notes in one of pattern,  i tab it be hear on slow speed, and on full speed with clap is sounds with groove,  but when i play often try to play it early, in other early position.  May be it my bad skill, what you think about ghost notes, @? Is It setted  right?

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so what can i say:


@Brute Force - NOPE ;)


@Int Rhy - Cu guys - sorry i could not leave with a proper 100, at least with a cool song...


@Adv Rhy - lets rumble



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@@Rodman aw man.. You just broke my motivation to beat you. You were at 92-94% the last time or something like that. I had a plan to get like 95% and hopefully top your score when i get home. But now you just demolished my plan for today. There is no way i can even get to 99%. You did throw me out of the ring even tho you didn't even know what i was planning.

I have to get better, faster and louder [emoji36]

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Great score!!!! - 38 runs ... do you like the tune already? :P




I've played it 50 odd times now - it's kind of addictive.  I'm back at home at the moment (not living out of hotels for the time being, so feel a bit better about being a bit repetitive on the practice sessions…).  No improvement tonight though, so I'm playing some other songs now and looking for some quality CDLC for the competition.  That's my excuse for tonight's racket anyway.

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Anyone else having trouble with the first note recognizing on the Act Like You Know?

I know its not that big of a deal, but I mean...its annoying if you're going for 100% runs and the first note hits 10% of the time


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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Breathing Underwater



dif 3

tab 9, sync 8, tones 9




dif 2

tab 10, sync 7, tone 9


not really sure about all points especially sync and tones.


@, the dead note in Fat Larry's is ok

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And... here are my weekly scores for Advanced:


Lead: 91.13 %

I'm glad I made it without a strike :)



Rhythm: 97.76 %

Those damn short phrases in the beginning always give me strikes...  :angry:  otherwise the score is fine



Bass: 99.48 %

One more note and I'd be Masterclass - perfect score I guess :D




Looking forward to next week!

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Check out my easy tutorial on how to add a metronome to your CDLC: Mute the original music, play only with the metronome and find out how good you really sound! Also: Find CDLCs that have the metronome enabled!


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@@Van-Blurten That sucks. I hope you'll get well soon.


@@Azrael You wouldn't, as this song got Intermediate Difficulty Rating.


MasterClass - 94.06%, 138 streak

For me it's still 9. Exhausting.

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@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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MasterClass - 94.06%, 138 streak

For me it's still 9. Exhausting.

Yeah, I might upgrade it to an 8 or 8.5 on difficulty - borderline masterclass, but it's still weird as it's pretty much the only thing I'd rate that high that I haven't needed to use riff repeater to learn parts of it. I still wouldn't call it a 9, but after playing through it a few times yesterday it took my forearm a long time to warm up enough to attempt it today, so there's added difficulty not only by it tiring you out during the song, but also by making you sore and perform worse on later attempts.


Interestingly, though, I noticed that most of my misses are "plucking hand misses" rather than "fretting hand misses." I usually don't miss the hopos or anything until the end of the song (the slides can be another matter), but I often have a little trouble with hitting everything in the E8 A8 E9 E9 E9 A8 D6 run. 


I think I had a 99.2% run yesterday, but that's been my best so far. Too many 99.low attempts. Hopefully I'll get a breakthrough on my next attempt, but it looks like I'll probably finish out of the scoring.


Lastly, while I'm commenting on the song, there are a couple of places after the descending riff (the first couple of times, I think the last time has it) where the A6-8-6 thing doesn't have hopos. Is this intentional, @ and @?


Edit: Just hit another 99.15. Great beginning and end but a disastrous middle of the song. Not sure why I fell apart there. I got the time and strength for one last attempt, so hopefully the groove gods will be with me on this one. Update: Nope

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Fun songs this week. I thought at first that the Metric song was "Speed the Collapse" and that's one of the few Metric up here I really don't like playing, this one is good though! Could not get above 98% in Moonlight Shadow but fun to play, classic song.






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