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  1. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  2. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  3. Hey Guys As you saw already my tapatalk doesn't connect to the server. My profile won't open at all. I get some notifications like these.. "Tapatalk hook was disabled" "Network issue, please try again later. (get_user_info | CustomsForge )" I can't write or post anything on tapatalk anymore, and that kinda sucks :/. If someone knows how to solve this, i would really appreciate it :D. Have a nice one.
  4. Here goes my first try :D My Arm needs a little break tho Intermediate Rhythm http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542277868
  5. @@Weezer well i can't help you with the song manager because i don't use it tho. But i rename the cdlc's in my rocksmith dlc folder and ingame i mark my original dlc's as my favorites. Works pretty well tho [emoji4]
  6. Am i late ? Happy Birthday ditto [emoji4]
  7. @@firekorn well i can live with that. What do you mean by 3-5 Songs a week ? Official DCL's ? If i look into the CF database it's amazing how many cdlc's were put up every day. The Database is growing like crazy while i know maybe 1% of all Bands CDLC's. That's insane of how many Bands i didn't even heard of. Even tho i currently listen to about 100 Bands more or less [emoji53] . It's just mind blowing
  8. @@Rockfirstlast i don't get it.... Why wouldn't they play RS with you ? I mean even if you or all of you sound horrible like me... the simple solution would be get the volume of the song up and the guitar/bass down. So that you sound better tho [emoji111] [emoji38] . If one of my friends would tell me that i suck while playing along, i would tell him go to hell and headbang like crazy while missing every single note/chord/bend/sustain etc completely [emoji23]
  9. @@hellohello you just crushed my silly dreams [emoji38] of a new RS 20XX with new features, online multiplayer, RS14 DLC import etc. Well anyways, i kinda don't get it what Guitar Hero Live or was it Rock Band Live is all about. Guitar Hero Series is kinda flashy and stuff, but why would anyone buy this instead of buying Rocksmith ? I would understand if someone doesn't know about RS or plays both. I saw some Dude on youtube playing RS14, Guitar Hero Series and Rock Band... Well there was one weird Guitar Hero Arcade Style Machine, where you hit some weird flashy Buttons to get the Notes right.... Well that was a Hardcore dude, so i won't ask why. I know there was a hype about Guitar Hero and stuff, but why would anyone choose to play on that plastic mini Guitar-ish Toy? That's just silly. Because there is no connection to a real guitar in which you could practice and then "hopefully" translate to a real guitar. I played once Guitar Hero 2 i think... Or maybe it was 3, anyways a friend of mine had the game at that time and 2 Guitar-ish Controller. So i thought i try it out once.... Yeah once was enough for me to laugh my ass of because the controller was so small. It was fun sure, not the game tho. At that time i didn't even hear anything about RS or even touched a real guitar and wasn't really interested in it. But now since i play RS14 and see that the Live Game will be released, i was asking myself all the time when i hear about the game... Why the heck would anyone buy that crap ? It's just that i'm curious why anyone would pla that in the first place [emoji53] I don't get it but i want to know why. Sure no one would buy it if it wasn't fun to play. But who the hell came up with the idea to create something like that ? Why would you put so much effort in this when you had the chance or let's say they had probably the idea of making a game with a real guitar once probably... I'm getting Headache just thinking about it. I'll stop before i start hating and bugging you guys about that heavily [emoji28]
  10. @@xxKryptonite I'm in the same situation as you right now. Since i started with Rocksmith i used that cheap Les Paul Junior Guitar that was included in the bundle. I didn't know if it was a good one or not. But over the time i found issues with this guitar like some screws were loose, some nutlocks were loose and some too tight, the bridge had some issues too and stuff and so i thought, i would love to have a beauty like a Schecter Hellraiser, but then on the other Hand i wouldn't use it right or even play right. Because as you can imagine i can't play solos at all and it would be a waste of money and the guitar would just get abused by me, literally... So a few days ago, i bought online a Schecter C-6 Deluxe for € 287,82 (i know it's a weird number...) but i bought it at gear4music.com in the UK. And i'm freaking out like a little kid right now, i can't remember when i last was this excited. Well i had to push the delivery to the 25th of october for some reasons tho. Still can't wait to get my hands on this Guitar and take care of it. I can't tell you how it will be with this guitar but if you want to i'll keep you updated how i will end up with the Schecter C-6 Deluxe[emoji1] I'm hoping for a better sliding performance with the thin C Neck tho and the low profile between the strings and the fretboars [emoji111]
  11. I would definitely choose one of my at the time favorites and that would be "Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Step of Terror" It's such a beast of a Song and i plan on doing some cinematic/gameplay videos with it. That would be the Song before i go to heaven [emoji23]
  12. Hey Guys, I just wanted to ask you Guys if you could help me out [emoji16] I just bought a Schecter C-6 Deluxe Satin Black for € 287.82 instead of € 345.50 (shipping € 6,-) at www.gear4music.at/de If someone knows that site oder Dealer, how was your experience ? Are they trustworthy ? The thing is, my old guitar broke because i'm such a klutz. And i don't have any replacement. So i need a new one as fast as possible. So i was looking for a Schecter for a longer time now and thought a C-6 is exactly what i want even tho they don't have no EMG pickups, but that should be no problem at all. So the price was kinda high over here in Austria (Europe) and some time later forgot to look out for some price resuctions, sales and stuff, but still fresh new Guitars. Well one led to another after i broke my old one and i bought the Schecter C-6 Deluxe, the cheapest price i've found so far. Well $ 250 www.schecterguitars.com but it's US Only. So yeah kinda sucks, but whatever 300 bucks for a sick looking Guitar. Hopefully it's a new one (not used), suvives the shipping and transport [emoji27] . I was thinking about buying a AMP or a Combo. But have no idea what to buy at all. So i thought since you Guys know hell a lot of more about those AMPS, i should ask you first before i buy one. Hopefully you Guys can guide me not to buy crap [emoji23] . Well yeah i need an AMP - using at home out of Rocksmith 2014 - It should be easy portable - it sure can weight some. Well shouldn't jump over 50kg [emoji24] - I would love to play right away rock ~ heavy metal/speed metal (like plug it in and rock the hell out of it) - a small one should be fine, i don't want to frighten my neighbours tho - long lifetime if it's possible - a reliable one - It doesn't have to be anything super awesome kickass over the top effects machine [emoji1] - The price is kinda rough... What i could afford would be max. € 200,- ( i really have no idea how much they cost, but if someone knows a cheap one around 50 bucks, i would definitely take that ) Yeah i think that's it. Just a normal reliable good sounding amp for home [emoji5] I thank you Guys in advance for helping an Amateur <3
  13. Oh i misread the title... I thought i saw Audition [emoji28] . Even tho it wouldn't make any sense
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