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  1. Maybe it is just my imagination but I think the overall note detection has been improved. I now get 97-98 accuracy on songs I had less before. Anyone noticed the same?
  2. I ran remastered.exe over all of my customs but still got the 100% bug, although the .exe said they were repaired successfully :( The song is: Big Cheese by Nirvana
  3. Thanks Mortalo, that is exactly what I was looking for! The song is fun! :) Edit: More suggestions are always appreciated!
  4. In Germany many videos are blocked due to GEMA restrictions. This would explain why it is not working for everyone coming from that region.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Since I already sorted all the songs into band-specific folders that mix custom and official dlc, I hoped for an easy way to separate them. So I could just switch between custom made dlc and official dlc with one click. So I guess I have to do it manually, then. Just need to figure out how the songlists in the CFM work :D
  6. So this is basically everything I asked for I think it is helpful for every guitarist. If you are a beginner like me, you can play it at half the speed, everyone above that can use it as a warm-up exercise :D
  7. Thanks for the explanation, first time I came across a song that used pull-off chords of this kind, guess it is a technique often used in Drop-D-songs
  8. So at the 10th fret I use my fret hand and pull both strings? What's the use of this?
  9. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/392169906049877862/E20688594FDD7998794FCA93B3427A6088412823/ What do the arrows mean? I have no idea how to play this :(
  10. Thanks for your suggestions! I found the perfect song pack for me - it's the "Bachsmith"-Songpack. Lots of great melodies and single notes, just what I was looking for. I will check out your suggestions as well. Maybe there are more ideas, the more the better!
  11. Hi, I am a beginner when it comes to the song manager. My question is: Is there a simple way of separating the CDLC from the official ones, without manually clicking on every single track or file? A very brief tutorial on how to do this would be very helpful. I am sorry if this question has been asked before. If so, please close this topic. Thanks
  12. Most songs on Rocksmith are too complex for a nice evening with some beers. There are some simple songs, but most often my friends are frustrated very soon. Noone who does not use the program on a daily basis wants to play with me, and I think games like Rock Band are just made for that, Rocksmith is not.
  13. Yeah, I often experiene the same. Having mastered a song is fun, learning it without fast and imminent progress is not. But I learned that there is no easy way to become a better guitarist, patience and persistence are essential and of utmost importance.
  14. I keep playing because I enjoy music. Practising guitar is a hobby that is not only fun but also challenging and you gain a "real-life skill". Imagine you would have invested all those hours of your past where you played video games into your guitar play, I bet most of us here would be much better guitarists.
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