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  1. Happy Birthday blejusca!

  2. Happy Birthday blejusca!

  3. Not bad for a first play. God hates a coward is definitely far too easy to be intermediate but guns sounds about right for advanced. It's a very different sound to most GnR songs I've heard. I dig it.
  4. Just got myself a new bass and wanted to see if I can still play. I wish I'd reset in the beginning when I missed those few notes, but I didn't know it would be this easy.
  5. Lately, playing has not been that much fun and I barely have the time to spare for it. Might have to put a pause to the competition for a while but we'll see.
  6. I remember this song! I think it's been on the competition before.
  7. First play-through. Surprisingly easy for intermediate, but soooo long. Might give it another play for 1-2% improvement but no more than that. Edit: there it is
  8. Hi, I couldn't make any time to learn the song this week either. Shame, cause it looks fun to play, too.
  9. Hi! Almost missed this week, but here it is.
  10. Added advanced lead, too. Not a fan of Leo's covers, if I'm honest. Previously, Eye of the Tiger was on here as well and it was also meh. This one also seemed easier overall than Int lead for me (except the short tapping part)
  11. Did a bit of RR on the arpeggios @adv lead. Couldn't be bothered with the solo though :lol:
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