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  1. Hey guys, i have a quick question if its possible to let Rocksmith play back the Songs without the Real Tone Cable plugged in? I currently have only a Acoustic on hand, but want to revise some songs, but if im going to play back the songs, theres a error message popping up that says there is no cable yadda yadda. Obviously all is working as intended, but it stops the song for me, and i wanted to know if i can sort of stop that error message from popping up, so i can play along without any Input? Cheers, Latsch
  2. I really hate myself for putting on 012-052 Strings on my guitars, my fingers are raw from all the bending. Stratus Lead Did some today (this score is from yesterday) but i somehow got worse at it. Where The Wild Wind Blows I'll see if i have the time/patience for this one, i really doubt it. cheers
  3. Where The Wild Wind Blows Bass long ass song, got some weird misses on the open E String and C on A-String... cheers
  4. as promised: Where The Sky Ends Lead Where The Sky Ends Rhythm War Pigs Bass totally neglected Bass this week due to the guitar battle ;P. I need a break right now, but i will see that i can get that Lead path over 95% later. cheers
  5. i havent had as much time as i anticipated, sadly. So here's a little update, which might upset @@then3verend ;P Where The Sky Ends Rhythm i really doubt that i can get up to your scores on MC Lead, great job guys! But im certainly tryin tomorrow! cheers
  6. well... i sort of hoped you wouldn't play the song again. Call me crazy on that one ;D No progress today, sadly. cheers
  7. 3-4 hours every day (i could do 10 hours but my job forbids that ;P ), although i only spent about 30-45min off that in rocksmith itself. 1 hour warmup including hand exercises and about 20-30min off imrovising and after that onto ear training/transcribing/songwriting. cheers
  8. some first scores Who Can it Be Now Lead Ok song, but im not really into Men at Work Teacher Lead I love that we had a different Jethro Tull song every week recently xD We should continue that! Now to the Big Ones Where The Sky Ends RHythm Spent a good Hour in RR here because that Intro/Outro is a Bitch. It doesnt seem that difficult but my brain fucks it up all the time. This part is a good 7-8 for me. Its fast, but with a little RR everyone can play that. Where The Sky Ends Lead I just saw, as im posting this, that i got level'd down on this one... Well anyway. FUCK THIS SWEEP PICKING PART. I can play it at about 40% speed witth 2-3 misses, so yeah, this needs some time. Solid 10 for me and i love it. Awesome song. Quality wise, this CDLC is pretty good. I havent found any sync issues or wrongly tabbed sections, so 10 to both from me. The tone on that ascending part and the sweep part sucks though. And it has way too much gain for me. cheerioo
  9. totally forgot to post this one! Antipop Bass was totally surprised here, and never got it this high again! really fun song on the bass. cheers!
  10. Little run on War Pigs. Awesome song! Thou i see no reason for a Lead and Rhythm path, as they both being the same. War Pigs Lead War Pigs "Rhythm" I felt slight sync issues, but i didnt look closer into it, due to me being lazy. cheers & happy birthday @@albatross213!
  11. Just bought some tickets to see them live in December ;D
  12. Some first plays Antipop Lead Cool song, Primus is always cool with me. Though i have some tiny improvements for the CDLC, atleast thats what im hearing from the guitar in the song and it differs with the chart. Slidey-thingy This F# should be a quick slide down and then followed with the mute AND Slidey-thingy 2 The first of these 2 slides should be only slide and no picking of the A#5 The second slide of A5->A#5 is fine These 2 bugged me a little bit. Again thats what im hearing, and i would play it (already play it) like that. Cirice This one surprised me! Holy shit, thats an awesome song. Love it! cheerio-ho
  13. did another quick run on the lead path Headbanger Lead had no luck with the other paths :|
  14. Im soo done with the MC stuff. I get random misses on open Strings on Corpsecry Bass all the time which ruins my attempt at 100% and this Headbanging fucker is pissing me of too (piece of shit bends!). Headbanger Rhythm I had like 97.81% on a normal run but forgot to take a screenshot so this will have to do. cheerio! Have a great weekend guys & gals
  15. to get my 2 cents out too.. i more or less agree with @@TrbInTrbIn ( i hope i wrote that correct). Solos like that are rubbish, but alot of Metal bands seem to do it and thats one reason why i started to dislike metal. BUT there are some guys which can play fast and make it sound good (Petrucci, Guthrie etc etc) and BABYMETAL, is sometimes one of them. Headbangerr is a exception sadly, take a look at Akatsuki of BABYMETAL @@TrbInTrbIn . (Its a cover but it will do ) Solo starts @2:34 Showwise, i think thats just a cultural thing there in japan. BABYMETAL is a great band, which writes great melodys/riffs but sometimes their solos suck because of all that "i need to play fast"-Shit which is going on in the Metal-Genre. cheers! and Happy Birthday @@fiddlesticks !
  16. a little update Corpsecry Bass i felt the 100% on this run, but my fingers decided to get exhausted and i had to stop after this run. Headbanger Lead Well, i think thats it for me on the Lead part. That solo is way to fast for me and i would need a few weeks to get to play it. So i think i will concentrate on Bass/Rhythm for now. cheers!
  17. awesome pinata @@Rodman ! and Happy Birthday to your son ;D
  18. bass scores! weeee Grounds for Divorce Bass love that song, cant resist to fuck around while playing it. Cross-Eyed Mary Bass Corpsecry Bass these 2 are fairly even in difficulty. Corpsecry's only difficulty is in its speed and required endurance. Easy week for bass all in all. cheerio!
  19. wtf @@then3verend , 98%? how did you do that this fast hahaha kinda puts me down with my low score. well anyway Headbanger Lead Theres some weird chord fingering choice going on here For example: Weird Chord This ist just plain weird and nobody should play it like that. Why not the E on G-String 9th fret and A B-String 10th fret? 100 times easier. Same thing on the Rhythm path, plus theres a weird Bb-Chord without the Root there. Headbanger Rhythm cheers!
  20. one last score for mc lead Muffin Man Lead tried to get over 90% but luck and time was not on my side. cheers
  21. Some new scores Monster Lead MM Forever Lead MM Muffin Man Lead Did some RR on the solo, and there are many parts that are out of sync here mainly on the first big solo, and i think some parts are completely wrong/could be played way easier. Will be hard to fix them though. cheers
  22. fuck, that sucks @Nacho! those cables are indeed way too expensive, i had a cable scare a few months past, and i was shocked how expensive and hard to get them it is (only via online shopping accesible and usually 30+€)
  23. New Week Ahoyyy! As always im starting on the bass Forever Bass Awesome Song! My favourite this week, really cool groove on the bass. Felt that there are slight sync issues but nothing really game-breaking. Monsters Bass My first thought was "fuck this was released 9 years ago??" little bit of nostalgia for me ;) Cool song! Muffin Man Bass I played it two times now, and i already slightly dislike that long intro where Zappa is talkin... But cool bass line, again felt slight sync issues here, but nothing big. Dont Look to Whatever Bass Somebody told me i shouldn't look at the Eyes of A Stranger, but im not sure... To be honest, and i really dont want to always hate on the Metal Songs, (i really try!), but this song shouldn't be 8 Minutes long. Soooo much boring redundancy in here, but that aside its an ok to cool song. Though one playthrough per day is enough^^ Charting wise i havent notice any issues. cheeeriioo!
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