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What do you guys play; Lead, Rhythm or Base guitar?


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I picked up a Yamaha BB 350 fretless bass a couple of years ago. Didn't really play at all until a few months ago when I got Rocksmith. I'm in love with it now! Right now I'm just learning some songs for fun (can almost play pinball wizard on master). Once I have a few songs under my belt I plan on looking into music theory.

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I play all three, but much less lead than rhythm and bass.




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Acoustic Guitar:  Seagull Maritime GT  Playing Since:  8/11/2011

Electric Guitar:  Epiphone Les Paul Jr.  Playing since:  9/25/2013

Bass Guitar:  Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special  Playing Since:  2/17/2014


"The road of life is rocky, and you may stumble too. So while you point your finger, someone else is judging you." --Bob Marley

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Rhythm for now.  My fingers are way too slow to play lead but I've only been really playing for 6 weeks since getting Rocksmith 2014.  I'm playing on an Epiphone Goth Explorer.  Nice except for the balance which is terrible so the neck dives wickedly.  I actually would like trying out bass so I may get a cheap one before this year is out.

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 I'm playing on an Epiphone Goth Explorer.  Nice except for the balance which is terrible so the neck dives wickedly. 


Try hanging a weight on the bottom of the strap. It won't take much to rebalance the guitar. Your fingers can't move if you have to hold the neck up at the same time.

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The path in RS2014 I play the most is Rhythm, started playing the guitar back with the release of RS1 on PC, currently using the Epiphone Les Paul Junior, that was shipped with the game.

From time to time, I switch over to Lead path on easier songs for "success" and sometimes just for fun on harder/"impossible" songs.

I'm thinking about buying another guitar (probably Jackson or Ibanez) for metal tunes in D or maybe C Standard (it'd be a huge relief for my other guitar).

"Retired" from CDLC creation due to loss of motivation.

My apologies to those who were excited for some of my projects and thanks a lot to those of you who appreciate what I've done, although it hasn't been that much in comparison with our top contributors.

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I'm mostly concentrating on Lead, though I've been doing a bit of Rhythm to try to get chords happening better. 

I've only been playing for 7 months or so; pleased with how far I've come in such a short time but I've got a loooong way to go!


When I'm finding things a bit challenging I play emulated bass, which for most songs in RS is a lot simpler than the lead.


My guitar is a Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM, SSS) with a Brown Sunburst. Love it.

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Try hanging a weight on the bottom of the strap. It won't take much to rebalance the guitar. Your fingers can't move if you have to hold the neck up at the same time.

Thanks Marty.  Yep, I have a multi-tool case full of lead hanging off the bottom of the strap.  Just about balances it but irritates me that I have to do that and that it takes so much counterweight.  It's not off by an ounce  :-| .  I play sitting mostly partially because of that and partially because my fretting hand is more comfortable.

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I play lead almost constantly, only because it just needs more practice than rhythm playing. I've never been someone to sit down and learn everything, I play very casually, so if a solo is overly complicated it takes me a long time to learn it. But I've learned enough over the years to play and sing live. Recently I've been meeting a lot of people that play music and I make it a goal to play with them. I'm having a co worker come over today for some jamming! 


Keep up with the passion people =) If I can enjoy playing live and running some leads, jamming with random people, I don't see why you guys couldn't. 

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My 6-String is a Les Paul Special II by Epiphone


Neck Shape 1960s SlimTaper “D” Profile

Neck Joint Bolt-on

Scale length 24.75”

Fingerboard rosewood

Fingerboard Radius 12”

Nut Width 1.68”

Hardware Nickel

Machine Heads Covered; 14:1 ratio

Neck Pickup Epiphone 650R Humbucker

Bridge Pickup Epiphone 700T Humbucker

Controls 1-volume, 1-tone

Pickup Selector 3-way Epiphone toggle

Bridge LockTone™ Tune-o-matic

Tailpiece LockTone™ Stopbar


But Mainly I Play Bass:

YAMAHA RBX270 BASS (4-String)


Scale Length 34" (863.6mm)

Fingerboard Rosewood
Radius 10" (250mm)
Frets 24
Neck Maple
Tuners Diecast
Bridge Vintage Style
Pickups Split Coil x 1, Single Coil x 1
Pickup Switch N/A
Controls Front Volume, Rear Volume, Master Tone
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Backup CDLC link ^^ - should list even the ones that got removed for inactive links...
just restored my ability to login again, so will try to slowly resubmit the missing ones...
and hoping to make a small come-back with some new CDLC ideas...

YAMAHA 4-String 24 Frets - D Standard -> C Standard & D Drop C...

ASHTON - 4-String 21 Frets, E Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down (Nirvana)...

Phoenix? - BASS 21-22 Frets? - 4-in-line Headstock...

Les Paul Special II - Guitar 

After-market Tremolo Bridge + head-stock locking nut thingys --- Free 1994-ish Guitar =   🙂

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I'm new around here, and have only had the two Rocksmith titles since Christmas, but I've been playing bass off and on since the spring of 1980. I still own my '79 MusicMan Stingray I bought new back then, though I don't play it all that often anymore (actually, my nephew is using it at the moment. lol). My main bass these days is a 6 string Ibanez Prestige 1006 EBG that I bought a few years back. I absolutely love the tone of this bass. I also have a second 6 string bass that I often use to practice with. It's an Ibanez 506 and has a similar neck profile to my main bass. Other basses I own are a Variax 705, a 60's era Hofner copy, and a few inexpensive Fretless basses. I own 4, 5, and 6 string fretless basses. All are inexpensive pieces I picked up at Rondo Music. 2 are SX's, one is a Douglas. I also own one guitar. It's an Ibanez Artcore I bought used. I also plan to eventually use that with Rocksmith to help improve my guitar playing, both Rhythm and lead.


By far my favorite style of music to play is Progressive Rock. Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, ELP, UK, Gentle Giant, Jeff Beck, and Kansas is the type of stuff I jam with my friends when we get together and play these days. Throw in some Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Steely Dan, and you get an idea where my musical tastes lie. I am also a fan of some of the more modern Prog groups, like Porcupine Tree, Crucible, Transatlantic, Aeryon, Liquid Tension Experiment, Spock's Beard, and of course Steven Wilson's solo project. If you couldn't tell, Prog is my favorite style of music. hehe...


Here's a pic of my main bass I play these days...



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been playinga few years badly then kin dof stoped playingas got fed up not realy getting any better ( musical ability does NOT run in the family )  but by chance took a look at rocksmith 2014 and havent looked backm improved my playing quite a bit, though i do think it not so good at some songs such as rock and roll by led zep where  the  cdl is 'over cluttred  'from version i know :P ( not an insulton person who did it though , just my  lack of speed :P)


relearning  comfertably numb at the moment , though ido wish teh RS2014  was better at recognising bends ( annoying when u know u have bent the string correctly and it dont accept ) and actualy getting 2 remeber the notes which has alwast been a problem for me


got a few guitars :  main gibson les paul  (  sooo good)

epi les paul fromm when i started 2 learn  ( was used for alt tunings but now in a case :P)

peavey evh  budget : nice guitar but whammy bar  is way 2  stiff

epi twin kneck ( Im a major led zep fan :P )

fender starcaster ( cousin gave me to keep until my kid nephew is a bit older ) usefull for  non hb tones:P

just wish i had  jimmypages ability :P

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Been playing for about 5-6 years now and I play mostly rhythm.  Not sure if it is a personality thing but I just don't like playing lead....is that weird?

Although I do like to throw in some solos every now and again.


Ricka, GAS nearly ends my marriage when I walk in with something new!!

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