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    Music (listening, playing, recording, writing, etc...), Reading SF & Fantasy, Video Streaming, Sim Racing, Football, Volleyball, Graphic Arts, Building PC's, Programming.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to test, and post your feedback, Firekorn. It is very much appreciated. I'm a bassist, so feedback on the guitar parts are what I was most looking for. I should have soem time thsi weekend to finally go back and reinstall all the CDLC Tools on this new PC, and look at tweaking the reported issues. Then I can create an updated version that might be closer to being ready to finally post to the database for this. Thanks again! :)
  2. Thanks Olorin. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you very much for giving it a run through.
  3. This is my main bass, though I own several others. It's an Ibanez Prestige SR1006EBG. I absolutely love the sound of this bass. Warm and Fat. :) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v327/Pruitt/Music/P7210159.jpg
  4. I can relate with this. I've been playing bass off and on for almost 35 years now. Mainstream music tends to have bass lines that are not as difficult as the guitar. As already stated, usually just peddeling around the chord root. But there is an awful lot of music that has extremely challenging bass in it, if that what you're looking for. Specifically in the Prog and Fusion Jazz genres, along with some Arena Rock bands. Try some songs by The Who, Yes, Rush, Jethro Tull, Kansas, ELP, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Return To Forever, Weather Report, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Transatlantic, Spock's Beard, Tool, etc..., and you will probably quickly change your opinion to the bass being a very complex instrument to play. All in my opinon, of course. hehe... :)
  5. I was hoping that maybe someone might have the time to do a test of my Beatles "Hey Bulldog" project. I'd like to get it posted to the database, but I want to make sure it's good enough for that first, and need some objective eyes, ears, and hands to determine that. If you can leave your comments in my WiP thread after testing, that would be great. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help! It is very much appreciated! Hey Bulldog (link to WiP thread).
  6. Nice job on the Songs from the Wood file! Very nice (Lets be honest, bass is the only important instrument anyway. hehe...). Unfortunately I've been busy in my daw building backing tracks again lately for my 2 person project, but I'm hoping to get back into RS and work on some cdlc again soon. These kinds of files like you and Aludog make defiintely make me want to make some more myself, as well as play the excellent files you guys have been making! hehe... :)
  7. I'm new to attempting to create CDLC, but I won't post a song to the database that I think still needs work. I don't think that's right, myslef. I will post it in the Workshop (and have), and ask for people to test parts out for me and leave me feedback (and people have and it has helped considerably). As the site is currently constructed, it's the method I personally believe should be used to help ensure that the content in the Database reflects quality, and not just quantity. If new features are introduced here, that may help, but this is the way I believe the site was intended to function. I also believe it would be beneficial for us to be able to work in groups, or allow others to fix parts, I would never have an issue with that. This whole idea of ownership of something we don't actually own has made me uneasy since I found this stuff last week. I am trying to create CDLC in order to promote the styles of music I enjoy. I couldn't care less about being recognized for it on some internet forum where I don't personally know anyone. I just want to help people experience and play genres and songs they may have otherwise never tried. It's as simple as that. Now I just need to finish off my migration to my brand new PC, so I can get back to working on CDLC again. haha...
  8. Hmmm..., Now that sounds interesting. Does it really work well for that purpose?
  9. Nice! I'll try to give it a play later this afternoon before I pull this PC apart. lol (built a new PC a week ago, and I'm finally moving it into place later today to replace this one. Still have some files to move over to it. Like all this CDLC stuff I've worked on recently. haha...).
  10. The part I move up the neck slightly is the second Riff of the Pre-Verse. It cuts out the position shift between the first, and third riffs that the Tab seemed to have, allowing you to stay in the same position after playing the first riff, the first time, going into the Verse. I'll look at it again if you need something more detailed, but basically I stay up around the 12th fret throughout the pre-verse with no position shifts back down like I recall that tab doing. But again, it was fun. I look forward to the finished song, as I am sure many others do here as well! :)
  11. Yeah, I love that bass. haha... I had those wooden knobs made custom to match the body wood. The stock knobs were an ugly black plastic. It's so much better looking now. Haha... The only issue with the narrow spacing is it makes it tougher to slap on. But then again, even though I've been playing off and on for 34 years, I don't slap much, or well. Haha... Plus I have my '79 Stingray I can slap on. That thing is a slap beast in the right hands (not mine). lol :) But back to your question, I played the Stingray pretty much exclusively for over 20 years, and it has much wider string spacing than the Ibanez SR 6 strings do. The difference between them has never really bothered me at all. I can switch between with no real problems. Plus the narrower string spacing on the 6 makes for easier chord playing. haha...
  12. Great bass tab! Very accurate. Almost exactly how/where I play it on the neck. There's only one part where I usually play the same part a string over, higher on the neck. But the bass track was pretty solid. And fun! haha... Obviously many of the note sustains need to be fixed, but I am sure you already know that. One problem I had with playing it was the song volume was too low, in comparison to other RS song files. But the bass at those levels was clean on top, so you may have done that on purpose for this. As far as the bass tone goes, it's probably just a bit too gritty. But that is probably partially due to my having roundwound strings on all my basses here. I am sure with flatwounds it would be much closer to the original tone just the way it is now. But with my roundwound strings I would usually try to keep the OD low/eliminate with my amp and pedals, and go for that pure piano string sound for this one. Probably not good to scoop the mids either for this one either (not saying you are, just running thoughts through my head and typing them. Haha...). Maybe a little compression too, if I could eliminate the grit from the source signal enough to not add it back in. lol But overall, the bass part was fun as heck to play. Thanks!
  13. Love that song! I play that one frequently with friends! Such a fun bassline to play. I'll grab it and give it a try shortly. And no, I've been avoiding thinking about doing a Tull tune so far, mostly because I knew you were going to do some. I'm trying to finish off an old Beatles rocker still. Have to fix some of the GP tab I imported that's incorrect. But once I finish that up, I'll be immediately looking for my next song. haha... :)
  14. That's it! I use Ad Block Pro in FF. I just temporarily disabled it for the Index page, and the page finally finishes loading. I had already tested NoScript, and knew it wasn't that. I should have thought of AdBlock. Oh well, at least that answers that question for me. hehe... Thanks! :)
  15. FireFox. I just tried it with both Chrome and IE, and it finishes loading. It's only in FireFox, which is what I normally use, that it just keeps on trying to load.
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