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  1. Happy Birthday Anchang-Style!

  2. Happy Birthday Anchang-Style!

  3. Happy Birthday Anchang-Style!

  4. I guess the Marketing as Tool for that Budget was hard, considering Marketing sections of Publisher tend to be cought in the old ways. Can be seen very well looking at the Medieval realistic RPG Kingdome Come: Delieverance. On their Odyssee to find a publisher they were also hitting a wall when the Marketing didn't know how to sell a game without dragons and Magic. I guess same thing happened for Rocksmith "wait its with guitars but a tool? yeah we dont know how to seel that...give it game aspects and we can ride the Guitar hero with real guitars train to town".
  5. When it's just about playing guitar i adore Fred Brum and Tosin Abasi, eventhough it's no music to listen to day in day out.
  6. http://youtu.be/VTSnI1ui_FA One of Japan's Best :D
  7. Seeing Crossfaith and Coldrain (and others) on the 10th :)
  8. Actually the tab perspective makes quite a lot of sense. the positions on the fretboard directly correlate to your finger usage as the E string as the lowest is pretty much the way you grab it with your hand (your hand got the other perspective from your eyes, since it's all about muscle memory this is more important than your eye's perspective which can get used to the pattern quite easily). Also the tab perspective is easier to releate to music sheet notation which goes from bottom (lowest) to top (highest).
  9. TSPO play Sesame Street and Baby Elephant walk at the same time :D Would love to do a tab of this for bass and guitar but the Band Score is so hard to come by.
  10. Honestly if you can 100% say the song is identical to the tab or you can figure the differences out go ahead but if you are totally on a loss and let the player play something totally different, don't bother.
  11. I just feel the live version is them often just giving a shit. Often enough the stiudio recordings sound flat and joyless while the same songs live are totally different beasts. Going so far that i only bought live albums of certain artists because their studio work is so blant.
  12. Simple answer tab. I would kill myself with the standard rocksmith way of playing. Just feels like to much bothering to rethink the read play mechanism
  13. Yeah post rock. Got one mono song that i need to complete at some point. Also Ska!!!
  14. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/8188919/B_z_Don_t_Wanna_Lie_PV B'z - Don't wanna Lie on the 2011 Blu Ray....truly one of the all time great rock bands of the world. Oh how i wish to see them live :)
  15. I guess it was creeping death on the cunning stunts DVD of Metallica. I thought Kirk was the coolest and his reversed Head was the coolest guitart ever build (i still think it is an awesome guitar).
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