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  1. I can get my green pack Ernie Ball's Custom Gauges down to D Drop C without an issue, and i could probably go lower
  2. I usually play rhythm, but I switch to lead every now and then. I'd play bass quite a bit if I had one, but I don't yet... I play with an old Ibanez I bought from a friend, and a Squire Strat
  3. Im in a crossover pop-punk/metalcore band (sounds weird, works great) atm, well, putting one together. I'm actually one of the lead singers ( we have two, I do clean and unclean while the other guy just does clean), but I do a majority of the writing, most of the guitar and all of the bass parts to the songs we have have been written by me. I hope Rocksmith can make me better at both so I can be a better songwriter
  4. Is there any way to tell how many of the SA songs will get moved over here? I'm worried because I just got RS14 today and i wanna play customs, and if my favorite bands can't be represented, then it's gonna be a bummer
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