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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 385

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i love the rain





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well played, @Mikson - lead is yours i fear

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1 hour ago, Rodman said:

well played, @Mikson - lead is yours i fear

Let's wait, @diceslinger hasn't shown what he can do yet 😉


Some Bass on score attack:



This should probably be played with a pick. I don't know how to play palm mutes when played with fingers.



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4 hours ago, Rodman said:






Nicely done sir - I was trying to catch your previous score but just as I got the main riff down I started missing the easier parts and then I would just get frustrated. Still a great bass track and I'll come back to it at some point:


I'll enter a score for this admittedly strange, highly technical song:


And it was worth a try but damn Cliff Burton was a freak of nature:


And what the hell, I'll enter my score on the Lead Beginner song played on my sad old Rock Band guitar/controller:



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Wow...the week got away from me.  Schools are re-opening, wife and I got the first round of vaccines, just a busy week.  Sorry guys, I know we all do better when we post though out the the week and push each other.


My harmonics on the first phase just don't ring out enough.





@Rodman that was such a powerscore!  I can't touch it!



I had a hard time getting the the hammer on slide combo consistently.  Sounded pretty good though.




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On 3/9/2021 at 10:24 AM, Rodman said:

@diceslinger guitar, bass, vocals, no post recording effects whatsoever

Ok found time for a lil info. I though suggest you listen first, read later.
That was much fun again. There are some songs i really have in my brain accurately though not listening to them for years. That´s one of those. Right the moment i read we had to do that i was thinking i´ll make a very basic campfiry version guitarwise to remember (as you know was the reason to start the whole thing). So for a start i listened to the song once, bought the dlc, played the guitar parts, then looked at the chords from the "official" UG version and recorded a playthrough with my standard clean tone on my strat which made it to the recording. Added a very backgroundy urban kit drumline, recorded a simple bassline and had a lot of fun singing it a few times (i hope your ears don´t hurt too much), i couldn´t use any effects on vocals and instruments because when setting up the project on my Zoom R24 i chose 48kHz instead if 44.1, and when all was in  the box and i wanted to start adding a lil chorus on guitar "44.1 kHz only" popped up.... However ... sign from the gods or rookie mistake, so all i did was pan the guitar and bass on either sides and mixed the volumes... isn´t it insane how different that all sounds when you go cellphone/stereosystem/headphones. Thx for that choice, happy with the result, cannot waitr for your version.

Picture is from Mount Dobratsch, taken by my wife last week on a Ski tour, blurred vision is caused by Sahara Sand that has been blown here all the way - oh i wish i had been there for that view!


This is a very laid back campfire version, you captured that well.  I really don't have much else to add, you wrapped it up into a tight little package that feels very complete.  Nice!

I learned in my class the generally you don't pan the drums and bass (the rhythm section), you leave it center.  This is a legacy from before stereo was a thing, but there still may be cases where a recording is played in mono, or someone is closer to one speaker than the other, so the practice still holds.  This isn't meant as feedback for your song, for what we are doing this doesn't really apply.  I just thought it was interesting and would pass it on to you.

I love the pictures you use, it is cool to see your view of the world.  I'm trying to do that a bit too.  My Stone photo was at a nearby lake where they were skimming the surface of the lake to load airplanes with water to fight a bad forest fire.  The smoke is why it looks hazy in the distance.

I'll get my version laid down this week, just have to find some time and schedule my singer 🙂

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