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  1. Future me: post your damn screenshots on time! Posting this one anyway to remind myself, and also because I was proud of this one. The championship is good for me - I'm getting better.
  2. Made it through! Also getting better at Intermediate. I dig this song. But who cares about all that because BASS!! WOO that's fun!
  3. Man that's awesome, I had no idea the game would do that. Gotta check it out.
  4. I gotta get some opinions from y'all on these song ratings. I've only been doing this for a few months now, and I haven't really been playing Lead parts at all. I'm trying it out this week since there's no Beginner Rhythm. Is the scale run in the middle of She Wolf really considered Easy Lead stuff? I've been in riff repeater for like three nights straight trying to get that one section down and I'm all over the place. I can't get above 50% speed without losing it. But, this took me like 6 plays of the song start to finish tonight - it's just a bunch of power chords: ♂
  5. Higher accuracy, worse streak. I had a better run at Fireside last night but didn't get the screenshot! Oh well, out of time for this week.
  6. Got it! Feels really good to learn a song I've liked for a long time.
  7. Same on beginner rhythm! Something about the Lazy Eye riff is throwing me off, the quick slide/bend keeps tripping me up. And the Arctic Monkeys song is great practice for me too. "Time to learn to barre, nub!"
  8. Gotta remember to post these earlier in the week! I had some ok runs at this one, but this was the best for accuracy.
  9. Hey folks, my first time participating - thanks for setting this up. I picked up my guitar in November after giving up on learning it years ago. This time it's sticking! Having something new to focus on every week is going to help for sure. Anyway, here's my best run so far at Outlaws. Almost got it down. I really dig the Volbeat song, but I'm still working up to hard mode on that one. I think the strings are so loose in that drop tuning that I'm bending notes all over the place by accident.
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