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  1. Life had me way too busy the past two weeks. Getting back into it.
  2. I'm guessing just a copy-paste from last week's post, but there was no beginner rhythm last week. So I shouldn't be listed as the winner.
  3. Rhythm scores: tons of practice on this one, I had fun trying to play fingerstyle for the first time! And a few runs at bass:
  4. Oh I see what you're saying now. The box highlight threw me off on which strings are muted. I'm helping, I swear! I bet the barre is the way to go - mute everything but only strum those strings?
  5. Yeah I have trouble getting mutes to register all the time - it seems like Rocksmith is really picky about the amount of pressure you apply. Maybe that's true about the way to do it correctly outside the game, I wouldn't know It looks like you play that same B add4 chord shape twice in a row, and the same strings are muted - I would just keep the chord fingers in place but let off the pressure for one strum.
  6. That's a palm mute, right? Keep your strumming hand touching the strings while you strum across all of them, so you get a clicking sound. edit: I was wrong, looks like the white ones are for fret-hand mute. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=209561339
  7. A "thank you" to the organizers for putting in the work to manage this every week.
  8. I travelled for vacation in week 388 and barely played the whole week - I feel like I've been slowly grinding back up to full speed since then. I spent most of my practice time this week focusing on this one song, but I am back to being happy about practice after I'm done for the night. Feels good. First time hearing Travis - I like this one. I played through Lead a couple times but didn't get a score captured. I did run through bass real quick last night.
  9. Where I ended up for this week: Some improvement here And some bass runs for fun. I spent a lot of time in riff repeater on lead guitar for Iris, but didn't string together a complete run. Lots of little pieces to that one that were great practice for me.
  10. Pretty pleased with my mid-week scores. @kayteck I have trouble with the intro/outro palm mutes for sure. I figured it was because my technique wasn't great! But like @Mikson said if you play them open and give up on sounding as cool it does keep your streak going.
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