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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 382

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that´s better





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Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship!     -= Week 382 =-   FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules    

ok... got 99%+ in intermediate bass... i don't know if it is rated too high or it is me getting better 😉

I need to get adjusted to my new bass, so I'll jump in on Daft Punk this week.   First off, I just finished building this acoustic thunderbird 5 and strung it BEADG.  I'm not used to the tun

On 2/17/2021 at 5:58 AM, railshark said:

I gotta get some opinions from y'all on these song ratings.  I've only been doing this for a few months now, and I haven't really been playing Lead parts at all.  I'm trying it out this week since there's no Beginner Rhythm.  Is the scale run in the middle of She Wolf really considered Easy Lead stuff?  I've been in riff repeater for like three nights straight trying to get that one section down and I'm all over the place.  I can't get above 50% speed without losing it. 

But, this took me like 6 plays of the song start to finish tonight - it's just a bunch of power chords:


🤷‍♂️ I dunno!  Seems like everyone is having a blast with the bass songs this week, maybe I should shop for a bass instead 😆

That section is on the hard side for Beg for sure. Do not get disappointed!! Your efforts are paying, you are getting better quickly. I think you will like next week choice. Let me know.

Rock your ass off!!!

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Ended up with less time than I had hoped today so let's just pretend this screenshot is from today and I had no intention at all of improving before submitting :7


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One hour warning!!!!

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8 hours ago, Rodman said:

Oh man, you are getting better and better - absolute beauty. Congratualtions. How does it play and sound????


If i ever need building advice, i´ll make sure to hide from the fb cops and send smoke signals.


Rock and Build!

Thanks @Rodman

I'm still woodshedding on it.  Both acoustically and amplified, it is intolerant of fingering sloppiness.  You can hear every squeak and clank.  I'll report back after I shed a few lazy habits.  Maybe I'll experiment with some form of string mute too.

And thanks for reminding me.  I need to make an addendum to my pervious post... Take that FreeBird police!

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  • "Oh no, not me, I never lost control, You're face to face with the man who sold the world" David Bowie - RIP
  • "Like a bird on the wire, Like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my own way to be free" Leonard Cohen - RIP
  • "Roll over Beethoven, Dig these rhythm and blues" Chuck Berry - RIP

Peek inside 2groggy's basement FreeBird Laboratory (not for the faint of heart)

  1. Talkbass Winter Build Off 2019 - Tobias Bass Shape Bass VI for @ gNat
  2. Talkbass Winter Build Off 2019 - SG shaped Bass VI for me
  3. Talkbass Winter Build Off 2020 - Sub-woofer on a Stick 
  4. Tdpri Winter Build Off 2021 - Thunderbird 5 because Thunderbirds are Go
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2 minutes ago, diceslinger said:

That was too fun though!  You got my blood pumping this morning.

I felt strange reading this, because it's already evening at my place 😀


Ok improve rhythm and that's probably enough.


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20 minutes ago, Mikson said:

@diceslingerok you won, my answer is too weak.


Boys boys boys!!!! whats going on here... you think the win is yours... nope 3rd, far off!!!!


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It´s all over!!!!!!

Go to week 383

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  • Rodman unpinned this topic
2 hours ago, jellisjenius said:

@Orkkongen No worries, I'm over it. Though it would be good to have some clarity on the deadline. I only had time for one go this week:




Speaking of clarity about deadline. This week ended around half an hour before the magic 7pm CET. 😛 So no frog leaping this week, though I made a better version of Def Lepard than before, but not better than yours anyway. 😉

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