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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 266


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welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship

-= Week 266 =-


READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships
Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules


Last week's winners:

  • Lead:

Beginner: @
Intermediate: @@meelo
Advanced : @@Rodman or @meelo if he wants to level up
MasterClass: @@Radekore

  • Rhythm:

Beginner: N/A

Intermediate: @@meelo
Advanced: @@Rodman
Masterclass: @@Radekore

  • Bass:

Beginner: @@RdGkA
Intermediate: @@wrentheseedling

Advanced: @@Radekore
Masterclass: @@Poutzy


Congrats to all winners. Well done!

This week's songs are:


The songs for this week are:

Lead Path:

Beginner: Royal Republic - Sailing Man (3) chosen by @@Hughmonty (as played Week 159)
Intermediate: supercell - Feel So Good (5.5) chosen by @@Gamut
Advanced: Tom Petty - Runnin' Down A Dream (7) chosen by @@diceslinger (as played Week 199)
Masterclass: Seventh Wonder - Welcome to Mercy Falls (9) (Eb Standard) chosen by @Gamut 

GoG: Ne Obliviscaris - Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise chosen by @@Kosa

Rhythm Path:

Beginner: Tom Petty - Runnin' Down A Dream (2)
Intermediate: N/A
Advanced:  Nightwish-Master Passion Greed (6) watch out - has changed as the other one was bass 6-string!

Masterclass:Ne Obliviscaris - Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise (9)

Bass Path:

Beginner: Tom Petty - Runnin' Down A Dream (2)
Intermediate: Royal Republic - Sailing Man (4)
Advanced: supercell - Feel So Good (7)
Masterclass: Seventh Wonder - Welcome to Mercy Falls (9) (Eb Standard)

Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).

Exercise Challenges:

1st Exercise: Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
2nd Exercise: Blues Comping 2 in A major - straight 8ths
3rd Exercise: Blues Comping 3 in G major (funky)
4rd Exercise: Blues Comping 4 in E major (shuffle)
5th Exercise: Blues Comping 5 in E major (dirty Texas Blues style, shuffle) (more challenging lead guitar (adv), rhythm and bass more intermediate with a real audio track (no GP RSA converted)

Everyone can bring up new scores that will be added to the exercises scoreboards

Honorable list Diehard Member:

Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:

Rock On!

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Come join us in the Rocksmith Championship!

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Started on Bass





Then some lead.  Had to RR a bit to get the hang of what was going on.



Love this song...I wonder if I worked on the solo if I couldn't get this one in the upper 90s.  


Championship Leaderboard                                                         Song Selection Sheet

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Not going to level up. I only won because Angelina and Telboy went AWOL and Rodman had no time to play :P


Congrats man!

Good playing - you are deffo an adv player now.

I really understand when you wanna wait till you get the chance to have it the old fashioned 99+ way.


Rock on!!!

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Hmm, beginner lead is not exactly beginner, but it isn't quite intermediate either. Spent an hour in riff repeater to get through the tremolo solo properly and get the main riff down. I have tried that song months ago and ended up giving up, because it was too hard :P


Anyways. Missed two D#5s when going from the main riff to D#5 chord. Good enough for now. I like royal republic, so I'll come back to this and get the 100 %.


Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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@@Gamut ain't rhythm on Seventh Wonder really a 6-string bass arrangement? Then we shouldn't really put it there, right?

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Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

T-Rex Interactive | Box Kid Adventures

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well i remembered the song was great, but it´s awesome to play.... 1st:



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First of the week.


Really dislike intros without guitar.   Luckily you can skip them in learn a song, and the song is really fun to play.




Had a hard time getting in groove with this one, the duck sounds the guitar makes feel totally unnatural to me.   But I got a little bit used to it and the duck solo in the end was fun to play.




So many bends in the end.  I really need to learn how to play them.




Just so fast


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Haven't played for three days... should have warmed up before trying SA right away :)





Really like this song... the bass solo in the middle is quite a challenge! First time hearing and playing it so I was suprised to finish with just one X




Tried Masterclass, it was ok until the mid song...

But it's kinda pointless, too complex for the sake of complexity




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Are you sure this is just 5.5? O_O Spent two hours in riff repeater before being able to do it (poorly) in score attack.




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Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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Kind of agree with @@ZeroPingNZ, adv is generally easier than intermediate lead. While it has a ton of fast unison bends, they tend to stay at the same position, which makes it a lot easier (if only I learnt how to do EB-string unison bends accurately without muting the E-string).


Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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