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  1. I'm not sure this is a difficulty 9.I would lean more towards a 7.
  2. Hey everyone!! Here is what the updated Rankings look like right now. :eyes:
  3. RS are so so forgiving when attempting slap n pop. This should not be 89%! 97% is finger.
  4. I haven't played this song since it was charted. Rusty! Big Gun is rather tricky, needs a few plays to get familiar. Slapped an popped this, my slapping sounded pathetic, I'm surprised I got past 80% I can't even be arsed to practice this. I also think any finger-style attempt, none slap attempt, should be void.
  5. I was always told, any Bass path with slap and pop in it, is generally a 10. Which can probably stand for Can't Stop. If it was finger-style I'd count it as a 8. It's a hard one to grade and score as impossible to know who is genuinely playing it as intended. If I slap and popped this song I'd probably get 70% if I'm lucky :D
  6. Tough week for me. I don't like beg and Int songs, might try to improve Big Gun, but that's probably unlikely :D
  7. The don't work for me either, only link to work is Testman. My ad ublock,r blocks them, which isn't normal.
  8. It's on sucka! I'm loading up RS and grabbing my weapon!
  9. @@Mikson They're certainly not the exact same arrangement, however there isn't a major difference between the two. Plus the charter is a top top charter, FireKorn, so I'll 100% take his version of a chart over any other. The Rhythm path wasn't part of the original week, so I had to give my own rating for that. Lead rating is from original week. I personally believe lead is a rated too high.
  10. Hey bro, You haven't downloaded or just haven't played the chart from this post. Also, it's 88% accuracy.
  11. It's the only one on igition. ( I remember there being at least 2 ) Any other versions to this chart must have been taken down. The only version I have is the one on the link of this post. I've lost all previous data, so everything is a new download.
  12. @@ZeroPingNZ Hey you are currently playing a different Ash chart.
  13. @@MaZtoR You are playing a different version to Ash - Shining Light. I only notice because we both got 100% on bass and my counter is +1000 and yours isn't :D Can people make sure they download the songs from the post, instead of assuming we already have the chart in our playlists. Thanks. I do it all the time, it's a habit I need to stop :D
  14. Good song for that pinky practice here!! I can't play the Shining Light rhythm at all. This maybe a 4? This path wasn't in the original week
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