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Rocksmith 2014 Championship week 245

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship

-= Week 245 =-





READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships

Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules


Last week's winners:


  • Lead:

Beginner:       @@ZeroPingNZ

Intermediate:  @@DangerousPanther

Advanced :     @@Fandaru

MasterClass:  @


  • Rhythm:

Beginner:        @@genobadass

Intermediate:  @@RSjeffH

Advanced:       @@Mortalo

Masterclass:    @@Angelina27

  • Bass

Beginner:         -

Intermediate:    @@wrentheseedling

Advanced:        @@Telboy

Masterclass:     @@Pukepito



Congrats to all winners. Well done!



This week's songs are:


Lead Path:


Beginner:       The Bates - Billy Jean (3)    from week 112

Intermediate:  Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms (5)     chosen by @ also played on week 144
Advanced:      Ghost - Dance Macabre (7) (D Standard)   chosen by @@MaZtoR

Masterclass:   Opeth - Bleak  (8)  chosen by @@Kosa


God of Guitar week 2: see Tribute!


Rhythm Path:

The Bates - Billy Jean    (3)

Intermediate: N/A
Advanced:    Ghost - Dance Macabre  (6) (D Standard)

Masterclass: Opeth - Bleak (7)


Bass Path:


Beginner:     The Bates - Billy Jean   (2)

Intermediate:  Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms (3)

Advanced:     Ghost - Dance Macabre (4)  (D Standard)

Masterclass:    Opeth - Bleak (6)


Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).


Tribute to LaceyB

Prince and the Others - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Some of you might heard that the one and only bass chartin' dudette has lost her battle with cancer. I had a good relation with her and decided to make this tribute. It's not Prince's song, it' George Harrison's one, performed as a tribute to him by many great musicians, including Prince on solo. It seems to be a nice tribute to Lacey.

Rest in peace lady.


Exercise Challenges:

1st Exercise: Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
2nd Exercise: Blues Comping 2 in A major - straight 8ths
3rd Exercise: Blues Comping 3 in G major (funky)
4rd Exercise: Blues Comping 4 in E major (shuffle)
5th Exercise: Blues Comping 5 in E major (dirty Texas Blues style, shuffle) (more challenging lead guitar (adv), rhythm and bass more intermediate with a real audio track (no GP RSA converted)

Everyone can bring up new scores that will be added to the  exercises scoreboards
Honorable list Diehard Member:


Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:



Rock On!

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 YouTube                                                           The Phantastic 3                                                       Facebook

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

This week again we have a nice mix.

For Beginner Lead there is nothing left in the SSL, so I thought just take a song we've already played....

but when testing them, at least one path had fatal issues notewise.. tried Stir It Up, we played 2 times at least, but if you have to play always a Dm chord instead A major at several parts I just cannot bring up to the CS. Next was The Robot who lost his head by Buckethead, nice song, but.... here the bass is completely different than played, nogo. Okay, so I just took another easy cdlc from myself, those doesn't need to be testet.


Anyway, the Song Selection List desperately needs Lead Beginner tracks.


have a nice week and rock on

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 YouTube                                                           The Phantastic 3                                                       Facebook

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

I hope this week's Bass tracks are not too easy, B/I/A/M = 2/3/4/6

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 YouTube                                                           The Phantastic 3                                                       Facebook

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With Billy Jean, the rhythm and lead are mixed up for most of the song. I could barely sightread and play chords on high strings for rhythm, but playing mostly power chords for lead was easy.

Also, it's way more difficult than (3). If I remember right, MJ bass was Advanced 5 or 6, and this song has the same riff, although it's easier to play on rhythm. Still couldn;t quite grasp it, need RR





And Dire Straits actually doesn't look too hard now...


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This song really gets easier after a few plays.   But those damn slides have a hard time to register if i don't play the end note (there is no end note).



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@@MaZtoR I found RS is likely to register those slides if you put emphasis on the movement. I press a little harder on the frets while sliding, and the hand movement is slightly faster than it should be. It may sound a bit weird, but I don't need strumming at the end of the slide.

Still, I'm far behind.



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Starting a little earlier this week.


With lead, I don't think this is a great version of the song either.







Love this song, hoping to get the lead down, it's more enjoyable than Billy Jean.




Let's see what happens next.

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