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LaceyB has gone.

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Offline   Nitemares


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Sadly it has only just come to my attention that we lost a great contributor in April 2018.  Lacey Anne BARKLEY...known to us as "LaceyB." She lost her battle with cancer.


I know things were not altogether good between Customs Forge and Lacey....but I play Bass and her charted songs helped me heaps.


Next time you play one of her songs just think of her for a moment and keep the music alive.


Rest in Peace girl you had a big heart and gave so much to those of us less skilled.  Over 2000 songs and I can't believe she is gone.


Make it loud on the other side mate....we will follow the noise when it is our turn.  Rock on.

There is no pain in A minor.


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Offline   painterbabe1


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She was a wonderful person and loved making music. R.I.P sister and ROCK ON!!!!!!!

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Offline   shepardbr


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Oh no. I have all her customs and they are awesome. Now when I play them I will be a bit sad. RIP and hope she is shredding in the afterlife.

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Offline   cozy1


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@Nitemares  Thank you for sharing.  Sorry to hear the sad news.

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Offline   Izzy


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Love her or hate her .. im sure LaceyB was dealing with her own demons, and was taken far too soon.  Rest in peace Lacey .. fuck cancer


Offline   Networkspares


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R.I.P. Lacey thank you for all the songs you did and allowed me to play xx

Offline   zanzibarnights


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RIP, thanks for the "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" chart

Offline   Alex360


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It's always sad when someone who we know gone dead and you can't really fix anything since then. thanks for sharing this I need new CF shirt themed to her legacy, mattatttaq pls

Online   ctrl


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@SeanMo @RobotMom I'm deleting my comments and all comments re: me. If you would like to complain more about what I put you can message me.

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Offline   Antithez


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Nitemares Thank you for sharing. When i think of Prince, she always comes to mind. 


We'll miss you.

Offline   rogerwilco1974


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I'd like to play some of her cdlc by way of tribute, but I can't seem to find any.  Am I missing something, or am I just stupid?

Offline   RobotMom



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I'd like to play some of her cdlc by way of tribute, but I can't seem to find any.  Am I missing something, or am I just stupid?

I believe that, due to "reasons", she didn't post her customs here on the forge.  I am sure that if you ask around, someone will share the links with you.



@Alex360 - "His hands"?  Sure they're calloused and rough-looking, but nowhere near "manhands" :P

The smug level around here is becoming almost unbearable!


And use the requests link for requests people; I'm not your Mummy, I don't take special orders.

Offline   ejmillan


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Rest in peace LaceyB.
For those who do not know his work, he left us a legacy of more than 2000 CDLC.
She really loved music and shared her knowledge and creations with us.
Today I will remember her playing one of her CDLC.
I have a great sadness.

Offline   dblbogey1


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She was always very nice to me in all the correspondence I had with her. I knew of her battle and emailed back and forth with her a few times over the last couple of years. She made some great customs and I'm very glad @SeanMo has taken over her library. He is continuing on her work. Completing some of her CDLC's that were not finished and of course making some really good ones himself. Thanks Sean, I really am liking the work you have been putting out. It was her request that none of her CDLC's be posted here for her own reason's. I too have cancer, not mentioning it for sympathy, but for letting others in the fight to keep fighting. As it was said by Izzy above, FUCK CANCER !!!!!

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Offline   Uncle Waldo

Uncle Waldo

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Riposa In Pace, LaceyB

Online   Rodman



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Dammit, really sad news!


I also did have my disagreements with her, but always on respectful level.

Taken soo much to early!


R.I.P. you shall !!!

An unrestful mind you have been,

You will be remembered a lot!

Online   Rodman



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And... sitting here ratm working on PET/CT scans of dear oncologic patients - hell yeah, FUCK CANCER!

Offline   papillon


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Very sad news and it's a time "When Doves Cry"

Offline   avdocatwork


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Hi Guys,


   I am shocked at hearing the news of the loss of LaceyB, I received the news today of her passing. I had kept in contact with her over the years by PM and emails as I know a lot of you guys have done also, and only recently found out she had been having health issues. Her generous time spent helping many of us at CustomsForge and The Classic Rock Coalition with our charting of Customs, will be remembered always. And all her many CDLCs that she spent so much time on and generously sharing them with all of us at Smithy's Anvil, CustomsForge and The Classic Rock Coalition is truly appreciated by us all and will be her legacy to us all also.


   Heart felt condolences to LaceyB's family and friends. She will be missed by all of us for sure.


Later avdocatwork



Offline   Stowy


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I found out a few weeks ago and was pretty rocked by it.


Lacey and I collaborated on heaps of songs; she released most under her name and allowed me to release some under mine.  In the early days I taught her some stuff about charting but I was quickly left behind as the time she put into making them and her skill levels improved out of sight; both with charting and understanding music.


Her contribution to this community will likely never be surpassed.


I had a lot of time for Lacey.  She was smart, funny, passionate and tough as nails.  I'll miss our email chats about music and politics and TV shows and differences between our countries.


R.I.P. LaceyB.

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