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Removed CDLC Notice!

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As some of you may have noticed. A couple of hours ago several CDLC were removed from the database. These were all CDLC uploaded by the same user. The reason for the removal of these is quite simple. He did not create them.Reports were made about his CDLC so several staff members investigated the issue. They concluded that this were indeed CDLC created by someone else.This was the third time for that user, he ignored the warnings that were given to him. So that user is banned now.Notice

Every report made on this subject will be investigated.Do not upload CDLC that is not created by yourself. Only when you have the permission of the original creator and you can show proof of that is it allowed.


If you have any questions about the matter feel free to ask them here.Be sure to read the Rules

Be sure to read the FAQ

Be sure to read the DLC List



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Phew, good job.  That was close.  We almost got the benefit of playing those songs!  Thank god they are now safely removed from the site so no one may ever make use of them again.  Hurray!

The chart authors' wishes are being honored. If you have a problem with it, take it up with them instead.
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Don't be a little scared girl, @@MisterDC all seem to fine for now :PIs it ok to convert someone's rs1 work to rs014, improve what possible and share here?As I did for 46&2 and Wild Child. (creds for original authors are reserved *even that this was ubi* :D?)

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I don't want to start a flame war, but this does seem a bit precious to me.

It's not like the charters wrote the songs or played in the recordings, and often they've used tabs created by others.

Yes charters put a lot of work into making CDLCs, but I don't think there should be a problem with making available a CDLC made by someone who isn't on this website, unless you're also going to prevent CDLC that wasn't uploaded by the rights-holders of the actual song!

The 'original charter' should be given credit out of politeness, but the idea that a CDLC is "owned" by the creator seems at odds with the fact that the "creator" doesn't own most of the content of the CDLC, and it's all provided as a gift to the community for educational purposes.


The administrators of the website can obviously dictate whatever rules they wish, as its their website, but this does seem oddly inconsistent to me.

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The original author does a lot of work even if he's just "gathering" tabs, albums etc. He makes a custom tone, he makes DD, RR and a lot else. I've NEVER seen a 100% perfect tab that doesnt need any modifications so to upload someone elses hard work without their acceptance or their knowledge with a VERY HUGE CREDIT TO THEM. Never

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I agree that the charter does a lot of work, and absolutely credit should be given when you're uploading somebody else's work -- taking credit for somebody else's work is just plain rude.

However, a charter should not be able to claim "ownership" over a CDLC as it was never their IP to begin with.  The "rocksmith content" of a CDLC not made by the actual rights-holder of a song should be considered "public domain." It doesn't make sense to claim any sort of right over a CDLC unless you own the copyright on the actual song!


This is a tricky issue, and I certainly want to see charters get the credit for all their hard work and gifts to the community.


I don't know who was banned or what the relevant songs were, I'm just concerned with this curious double-standard -- it's like trying to sue somebody for copyright infringement because they made a copy of your bootleg concert recording.

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Closing topic.


Let's face it. If someone uploads someone elses CDLC, can they support it? can they fix any problems the original CDLC had with it? most likely not.

If they want to make that CDLC, they can create it on their own, or get permission from the original CDLC creator.


If we allowed people to start uploading other peoples CDLC we would see massive amounts of dups with multiple versions.


This user uploaded tons of CDLC without permission with multiple warnings, and it was dealt with.

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