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CustomForge's 1 year anniversary.


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Congratulations everyone! We've made it one year!


I picked up rocksmith and started making customs a few months before with a very good friend of mine named Alex (aka Shinyditto12). We decided to team up and make Chevelle, Tool, and Alice in Chains customs together. It was a fun project where we racked up over 100 CDLCs together. You can view our original collaboration document here: http://goo.gl/jM4xte

I decided to make this website when our predecessor went down where I hosted my customs and there was no other custom website to turn to. I was messaged by Ally (not to be confused with my fiancee, Alyx) a friend of ours, at around 6 AM in the morning that the predecessor was no more. I’ve been wanting to run a long-term project for years. I quickly decided to make a new forum/search and invited users over.

I noticed in the Rocksmith Custom community that it could be done so much better, with so many features it was currently lacking. It started with a simple new install of phpbb, donations rolled in, I put in $500 to help jumpstart us. Donations kept rolling in and I used them for domain name, IP Board + Addons License and more. Our community kept growing and I know I created something awesome. @ created the initial integration, then we acquired the skills of @@hdnsmbt and merged his project with ours. That’s the beginning story of CustomsForge. Something we all should be proud of.


Magfest 2015

A milestone this year was our appearance in the form of a panel about custom songs in music video games. CustomsForge Developer @@zerkz represented on the panel, talking about the community, and the process of making customs. You can watch the video here:



We also had a Rocksmith setup for a few days where people came to jam with us!

Hopefully we will see you there next year!


This wouldn’t be possible without you, the community!

All the charters creating songs.
A thank you to our top charters

All the developers for making the tools Editor on Fire & Rocksmith Toolkit

@ and @@hdnsmbt for making our search database even possible to begin with.

@ for the modern ignition design

Our modteam for keeping the forums/chat clean.

@@Attitude, @@Izzy, @@The Troglodyte, @@YLedbetter, @@luiza

The Rocksmith Championship team.

Past staff members that helped us (Spades, we miss you!)

@@Darjusz & @@Lovroman for designing our upcoming song app.

The admins who help with very important decisions and keep everything under control

@@Unleashed2k, @, @, @@Teinashu, @@hdnsmbt


Thank you all once again and today we will like to announce our goals for 2015-2016.


Ignition Search + Comments

Our goal is to have ignition use a separate database and comment system. This will still be tied to your username but everything will be handled under ignition. Our ultimate goal is ignition to be the ultimate place for Rocksmith Customs. To learn how to do it with step-by-step guides, to our new request system, and our advanced search features.


With ignition you’ll be able to do the following:

  1. Step by step guide on how to create customs. (Ran into a problem? The FAQ Tutorial system will guide you on what to do)

  2. Links to Editor on Fire & Rocksmith Toolkit

  3. Submit requests, view current requests and search requests

  4. Search and filter CDLC in every way you can imagine, upload and edit CDLC you created, view and manage your collection of downloaded CDLC, get notifications on new or updated CDLC

  5. New front-page with charts (top downloads per week, etc)

  6. Comment on new CDLC and get better feedback & more!


CustomsForge Song Manager (CFSM)

I’m proud to announce we have made amazing progress with our new desktop app. We plan on releasing a beta test later, and a website to download the application from.

Current features completed:

  1. View all of your custom songs (Artist, Song, Album, Last Updated, Tuning, DD, Arrangements, & CDLC Author

  2. Find duplicate songs. (Have two copies of War Pigs by Black Sabbath?! Find and fix it!)

  3. Launch Rocksmith via the Steam Shortcut built in

  4. Backup your Rocksmith Profile

  5. Export Song List via CSV or BBCode

  6. Search through your CDLC


(Please note this is an alpha screenshot and will not have to reflect on the final product)


More features & a beta release announcement coming soon!

We have additional announcements coming throughout the year, make sure to stay tuned!


As always remember to support ubisoft by purchasing official products (Rocksmith 2014, Rocksmith 1 + import, official cord, and any official DLC releases). Thank you ubisoft for making such an awesome game that we all learn and love.


Thanks again everyone for making this happen!




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"Just remember: when something breaks, kick it as hard as you fucking can"

-Trent Reznor
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HAPPY 1st !!!!!!


Thx for the effort!!!!

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Happy anniversary, CF! Although, I was watching the video, and I must say, taking a GPx file and importing it into EOF without ever changing it is not a very good work ethic!  :P

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My customs can be found here.


Don't be that guy who takes the .gpx file available on a tab sharing website, slaps it together in EOF without editing it, then releases it without a second thought. Please test and refine your customs, for the good of everyone on CF.

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I'm really happy how this community have grown in all this time

I remember when i came here after what happened with Smithyanvil, and man...this was the best discover i ever made

This Community means a lot for me, i met really cool people, and also...started to make my own customs to share with you

Happy 1 Year anniversary for y'all! we will be a bigger community! 

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Man, looking back, a year ago I remember struggling to play For Whom The Bell Tolls, I was that bad, and just yesterday, about a year later, I managed to get 98% on One by Metallica.

I really mean to say thanks all to all the amazing people who have been part of this project, providing us with a mean to practice songs in a different way, and finally helping me (and I'm sure a lot of people too) to play songs that I could only hope to air guitar before.


TL;DR -> Thanks, you are all awesome.

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Happy 1st year everyone!


It's just been amazing how far this site has came since it had replaced SmithyAnvil.



Always check and use -> The latest Toolkit builds


To disable dynamic difficulty and not get the 100% accuracy bug don't use the override to max option, but instead disable DD and set sight reading level to Max. With this configuration the 100% bug does not surface.

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Pure gold. All of this!

"A dreamer is someone who wants beyond what is reasonable. A hero is a dreamer who cannot take no for an answer." (Martin Spina)

My Released CDLC - Blaze Bayley - Stare at the Sun & MacGyver Theme Song & Iron Maiden - No More Lies

Check out the Tech Notes Tutorial Version 1.1 // Chordify Tutorial release TBD.

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What can I say, but Totally Awesome. I can't thank all you guys enough, for all the fantastic accomplishments here on CustomsForge. It has been a real pleasure just being a member of this great community.


Later, avdocatwork

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