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  1. I've been out of the game for quite a while but I'll be on spring break soon. Might tackle it then :)
  2. Hey all, Remember that guitar project I mentioned? She's finished! http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa216/rscalzi/GRETCH/DSCN0928_zpsyilxywfe.jpg What do you guys think? I've also got a custom in progress as of now, school has been catching up to me a lot lately. It'll be released soon :)
  3. Hey guys, Sorry for being AFK! I've got some customs in the works. Been a busy summer. Anyways, I saw @@Brooklyn_Sounds Mattocaster project, and incidentally, I've actually been working on my own guitar from scratch, the workings of it are heavily inspired by Bellamy's guitars. I'll post some pics of progress if you guys would like to see :D
  4. Of course you can release it. Approval is when your song gets approved by us, that the song is finished :) According to the site rules, "Live versions of official content are also not allowed." While I respect @@danielowa for working on the custom, I'm not sure if he is allowed to post it here. I don't like being the bearer of this but someone had to say it.
  5. Ah, ok. For some reason my Paint.NET wouldn't show anything. Guess it's time for me to update, hm? :blink:
  6. It indeed is a bit different than an official... but better if you ask me! :lol: :P One of my shticks is including "unconventional" arrangements (e.g. Eleanor Rigby strings, Restless Heart Syndrome piano, Undisclosed Desires strings, an upcoming vocal chart...) Anyways, I'll get to testing our next batch :) Edit: I just unpacked the artwork .rar, and it seems that approved4_final.png was corrupted (all it shows is a white rectangle). I downloaded the archive twice and this occurred both times.
  7. Undisclosed Desires was me... :P
  8. Only tested one so far. Forced In: Main tone could be clearer (i.e. more treble, less bass, tiny bit less mid). Some sections, notably the delay tone acoustic section, have notes that seem correct, but are not locked to the tempo map. Tremolo picking section tone could use a lo-fi pedal. The F# minor chord frame could be a little different (by not barring the 2nd fret, it would allow for more control over vibrato), but that's just a little thing. And never forget to cut your preview to 30 seconds and fade in/out. This should be a requirement for all future updates! :P
  9. I object to this! I'm already working on it :P
  10. I've tried it. Didn't help. :( They said they fixed it in the latest build but I still got the error. I always revert to an old saved toolkit when this happens. Works for me I suppose.
  11. That sucks @@Kiscsak98. I can give it a go and see if i can have it up in an hour or so. :D Can you give details on fixing this problem? I encounter it sometimes as well.
  12. Showbiz AND Citizen Erased?! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN
  13. Just played it. I would change the D and B string slides to unpitched, so that the slides don't touch the next note (which never happens in official customs). And this is what I meant when I said the tone was tricky... there's an octave shift in the intro, but you charted it as an octave sustain. Granted, this is how it is played, however, the tone should be shifting octaves. The octave shifting in the intro goes -1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, -1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, -1, 0, 1, 0 in terms of each numeral being equivalent to one 16th note, where -1 is an octave down, 0 is a C on the 3rd fret, and 1 is an octave up from said C. It'd be rather laborious to do, no?
  14. I always start from flac rips of my CDs :)
  15. Be careful with MOTP, the tone's a slippery one...
  16. In regard to keeping sustains from touching notes, the easiest way to shorten each sustain is setting the grid snap to something like 1/16, selecting all notes (using Ctrl + A, or Cmd + A on Mac), then scrolling down with the scroll wheel on your mouse for one or two clicks. This will shorten each note by 1/16 or 1/8 of a beat, depending on if you scrolled for one or two clicks respectively. Hope this helps :)
  17. Wow. Matt sure wasn't kidding when he said that this album will have some heavy guitar solos :D . Amazing! Now THIS is something I'd like to do! :P
  18. Actually, no, it's not. Using unpack does not give the .ogg file needed, nor proper arrangements. The XMLs generated are stripped of tech notes, unpitched slides, link next statuses, etc. Using "Import Package" does this as well.
  19. I could do it, I would just need the eof folders for each custom, if you guys would like :)
  20. Is there a RS2014 stomp-box that can replicate the effects created by a step sequencer? It sounds like this. I've played around with the envelope boxes, but I can't quite get it. Thanks in advance :)
  21. This isn't a requesting topic... you can request Kiscsak to do a custom here, and a request open to everybody would go here.
  22. Awesome! I've got my eye on a few of them :P
  23. Hahah, I wasn't aware of a discography project! If you guys need any Muse charts (preferably early ones!), I'll be glad to help :)
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