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  1. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  2. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  3. I got (What seems to be lifetime) access to tab pro for free when I uploaded a tab on their site. Never found a way to download the tabs so I never use it. It might have been a mistake my friend, unless some other user knows how to get around that. However, most of the tabs there are stuff already available on UG, so try searching for it and see if you have some luck.
  4. Man online play would really be awesome, but what I really would like to see as a more realistic update would be improvements to the game engine itself, for example: 1-Even more tone slots, specially if you chart customs, there are times when you wish you could go nuts with the tones. Also applies to your custom pedals, having only 3 tones to switch at any time is really limited. 2-Recording ingame, like an option to save the audio from the last 30 seconds or something, because I know I can set up a program like bandicam, but there are times in session mode where you hit a sweet riff, then forget what you played, and become unable to go back to it (Makes you wonder how often it happens to musicians really), and speaking of session mode-- 3-More patterns for the AI in session, if you play long enough you learn their patterns, and more often than not lately I've been using backing tracks that provide more variety when playing instead of using the mode ingame. 4- My personal favorite would be to integrate multitracks into the game, kinda like bandfuse does, maybe the hardest one because of the legal side connected to the songs, but hey, a man can dream.
  5. Thanks a lot @@Aquilae, I was struggling to get that same effect working for Californication, but with your detailed explanation I was finally able to do it. Also I want to thank @@raynebc for the work on EOF to make handshapes work as good as they do, however, I'd like to ask if it's possible to automate the process above?, it's a lot of work when the song constantly changes the base chords.
  6. Select the beat where it goes off sync, in the upper menu choose Beat > BPM Change, insert the new BPM ---> Profit. More often than not however, you are going to need to manually adjust beats to keep the sync, since human drummers can't keep a perfect tempo all the time.
  7. Si tienes razón, pero viendo este post, aparentemente el problema puede ser por parte del EOF, hay que esperar si alguno de los desarrolladores responde.
  8. Particularmente nunca logré hacer que handshape funcionase, pero si lo que quieres es que se mantenga en pantalla la posición, por que no pruebas con la función de arpeggios (Selecciona las notas/acordes necesarios y usa el comando ctrl+shift+G) a ver si el resultado te agrada?
  9. Really like the idea, is it possible to add this to the toolkit so it tags the songs automatically when those are created?
  10. @@Brooklyn_Sounds Thanks a lot man, this will be really useful.
  11. @@Brooklyn_Sounds Man I'd really love to see the whole book for learning purposes, but in case it's too much work to do at once, only the solo for miss the misery is what I think need improvements. In any case, thanks a lot.
  12. I started listening to them since 2007, remember that I listened to the pretender somewhere and it blew my mind, been a fan ever since, and gave their older works a listen later. Thanks a lot Wepeel, it'll be useful to make a couple from color and shape in the future my version of Miss the misery has a long overdue update, but I couldn't figure out the proper way to play the solo, so I'll be really grateful when you can share the wasting light book.
  13. I never experienced that particular error, but from past experience, all errors I had regarding EOF in the past were fixed by updating EOF and redoing whatever was causing it. In your case try to update, load your project, erase all tone changes and create them again, and see if that fixes it. If not, try to create a thread or asking in the development section, those guys are constantly working to improve the programs and I'm sure they could use a bug report.
  14. You mean that the sound ingame is the preview and not the song, right? In your project folder you need to have both the song and the preview, both in .wav format (you can use audacity to convert any audio file to it, or use EOF that creates the files when you select an mp3 or ogg as your source), for this I'll be calling them: audio: songname.wav preview: songname_preview.wav In the toolkit, you'd have to select the "songname.wav" file for the audio, and if there's any file following the syntax "songname_preview.wav", it'll be included as a manual preview. Even more, the latest version of the toolkit generates a preview automatically if there's not any songname_preview.wav file in the folder.
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