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  1. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  2. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  3. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  4. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  5. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  6. Thanks a lot @@Aquilae, I was struggling to get that same effect working for Californication, but with your detailed explanation I was finally able to do it. Also I want to thank @@raynebc for the work on EOF to make handshapes work as good as they do, however, I'd like to ask if it's possible to automate the process above?, it's a lot of work when the song constantly changes the base chords.
  7. Awesome. I never understood all the "controversy" related to Angel of Death, so it's good to see them releasing a song and proving that they don't care either. Just a heads up, the theriffrepeater.com link you posted goes to the All that remains pack instead of the Slayer one.
  8. AntonZap


    Using Legato Slides in guitar pro does the trick too, in case anybody's wondering.
  9. Hope for a fast recovery so you can get back to your guitar soon, best of luck man.
  10. Happy Birthday AntonZap!

  11. Man, looking back, a year ago I remember struggling to play For Whom The Bell Tolls, I was that bad, and just yesterday, about a year later, I managed to get 98% on One by Metallica. I really mean to say thanks all to all the amazing people who have been part of this project, providing us with a mean to practice songs in a different way, and finally helping me (and I'm sure a lot of people too) to play songs that I could only hope to air guitar before. TL;DR -> Thanks, you are all awesome.
  12. I remember that deleting the accents and apostrophes from the lyrics did the trick for me in one of the songs that gave trouble. I'm not saying they are to blame since they seem to work almost always, but if you run into the error again you can try that.
  13. @@zerkz User JazzD has an updated thread in the workshop (http://customsforge.com/topic/15498-magfest-artists-cdlcs-project/) where a group of us (as I'm writing this contributions have come from users UKLooney, pollo_28, JazzD, Xstatic, Dudeman and me) have been submitting songs from the bands that will be performing there, with links to the threads. It should be something interesting for the people attending there to attempt to play a song that they just saw live don't you think?. Also any user who also wants to help feel free to join, hope this post brings some attention to the thread.
  14. Well, Machinae Supermacy is among the band list performing there (In fact they are the only band I recognize xD), and a song from them (Sidstyler) is already uploaded as a custom http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/sidstyler-r2668 If you wanted something out of conventional this would be your best bet, even better if they perform the song and fans would like to try failing a trying to playing it later.
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