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  1. Does the audio cut out? If so, it is most likely caused by an incorrect version of Wwise. You need to have an older version (48xx) for it to work properly. If you downloaded and used a newer version, uninstall that and download an older version from their website (also ensure that it is the 32-bit version and not 64). Re-do the steps involving Wwise and re-pack your CDLC with the toolkit. That should do it.
  2. For my own personal use I have developed a simple phone app for Android for the purpose of choosing the next song to play. The app basically just randomly gives you a suggestion when pressing a button that displays results such as "Move down by 3" or "Play a song that starts with G". I guess what I'm wondering is a) can I just post it here for anyone who is interested in checking it out and b ) would anyone else actually be interested in a simple little tool like this?
  3. I assumed so as well. Yet, EOF seems unaffected by any change except for the title bar. Even changing the overall DPI setting (which is a last resort since it messes up alignment on pretty much everything) doesn't make a difference. I changed my ClearType settings and all that just to be sure but no dice.
  4. I had already messed around with anything Windows had to offer, and no luck with EOF's magnification option. Again, no effect on the menu text unfortunately. I guess I'll have to keep squinting. :lol: Either way, thanks for the quick response!
  5. Apologies if this has come up before but I ran some searches and they came up dry. I use my PC on my TV and I find the font in EOF's menus is extremely difficult to read. Unfortunately, changing Windows' (7) font settings has no effect, and there doesn't appear to be anything (already there, at least) in EOF's config file that I could edit manually. Is there a way around this I'm not thinking of? If not, it sure would be great to have the ability to change the font and/or size added in the future.
  6. Well, I wasn't exactly concerned with whether or not it was important since obviously you can get around it. I thought I was being helpful by providing a bug report.
  7. I'm not sure if this is new since the recent updates, but today I've noticed that if I click on a link of the charter's name in Ignition to browse the list of their submissions, and then I ctrl+click to download a song, it opens up a number of tabs, seemingly related to how many songs that charter has in their list. For example, if I ctrl+click on a song in my list it opened up 5 tabs (I have more than 5 submissions, so I'm not sure where the number comes from). All five of the tabs got stuck at "Waiting for customsforge.com...", so I can't say for sure what they were trying to open. I also tried Nacholede's list, and well... I didn't count the how many tabs opened but there were far more than 5. :lol: The bug only seems to affect the nested list provided when clicking on a charter's name link on a song's "pop up window". I cannot reproduce the bug anywhere else. I apologize in advance if this is already mentioned somewhere under some "Known Bugs" listing.
  8. Yep, a WoW-reference. I know.... Anyways, I hope I'm interpreting the reason for this section properly. I have a couple of other songs with potential issues that I will post here soon for feedback, but my most immediate issue is this one: Revocation - Exhumed Identity ** FIXED! (Edit: 7/27/2015) After adding sections in I noticed the audio folder made by wwise was abnormally large. I'm not sure why it was, but I deleted it and started a new project again. Not sure if it was that or the sectioning, but the song runs nice and smooth now.
  9. Yeah, Crimson II is one of my favorite pieces of music. A 40-minute song written and recorded (aside from guest solos and vocals and I think maybe some additional percussion) entirely by Swano himself. Crimson II and Moontower (another Dan Swano solo project) inspired me to write my own "one-band" music. Revocation is very fast, very technical thrashy death metal. David Davidson (I know, right?) is a Berklee-trained guitarist who focused on jazz and he writes some very interesting stuff. Across Forests and Fjords is an instrumental, so if you're not a big fan of the death screams/growls then maybe keep an eye out for that one. Communic is tough one to describe, kinda thrashy/proggy stuff. Very long, meandering songs with unique clean singing. Definitely worth checking out if you like progressive metal but don't like the death screams/growls. A couple final sidenotes: I REALLY want to do a bunch of Testament's "Dark Roots of Earth" but for some insane reason nobody has tabbed them out (it is serious slab of metal if you haven't heard it). I'm also looking at doing some Angra songs from the "Temple of Shadows" album.
  10. And the title isn't even a cheesy reference to one of my own songs! At least, not yet... Anyways, here's un-fancified list: Released: Children of Bodom: (Follow the Reaper, 2000): Kissing the Shadows Communic: (Waves of Visual Decay, 2006): Frozen Asleep in the Park Revocation: (Empire of the Obscene, 2008): Tail from the Crypt (Existence is Futile, 2009): Across Forests and Fjords Symphony X: (The Odyssey, 2002): The Turning (Paradise Lost, 2007): Eve of Seduction (Iconoclast, 2011): Bastards of the Machine Heretic Prometheus (I Am Alive) Eletric Messiah (Underworld, 2015): Underworld Near Release: Angra: (Temple of Shadows, 2004): Temple of Hate Children of Bodom: (Follow the Reaper, 2000): Hate Me! Dragonforce: (Valley of the Damned, 2003): Black Winter Night (Inhuman Rampage, 2005): Cry For Eternity Forgotten Tomb: (Under Saturn Retrograde, 2011): Reject Existence Nightingale: (Nightfall Overture, 2005): Nightfall Overture Shadowland Serenade Revocation: (Empire of the Obscene, 2008): Exhumed Identity Symphony X: (Iconoclast, 2011): Children of A Faceless God When All Is Lost Certain Death: (The Burnt War, unreleased): Volcanic Inferno* * My own song, thrashy death metal. Lots more to come if people enjoy it! Planned: Communic: Fooled by the Serpent The Absence: Dead and Gone Malefice: When Embers Ignite Revocation: Fields of Predation, Conjuring the Cataclysm, Cradle Robber Carcass: A bunch of Surgical Steel songs if I can find a way to deal with the constantly changing tempo. Edge of Sanity: Crimson II: Yeah, I know, right? But I love this song so freaking much. The available tab is bits and pieces but I hope to adapt it eventually. Don't hold your breath! :P Disclaimer: I'm not exactly saying my "released" songs are "finished", but "released" none-the-less.
  11. I tried to re-save the XML a couple times but I kept running into the same problem. So I just started over from scratch with EOF and it generated the package fine this time around. Thanks! Now, on to the next problem! LOL
  12. So after finding my way through my previous issues I came up against this: http://i.imgur.com/KKKKa1j.jpg I tried re-installing Wwise and starting over, tried changing anything that might help, but still kept ending up at the same error: When I click Generate, RSToolkit opens up a couple of windows and does some stuff and eventually asks me to name the CDLC file. When I do so, the above error appears without fail. Anybody else ran across this?
  13. Exporting the MIDI file from GP and importing that first did the trick, thanks!
  14. Well I have a bit of an advantage where I'm doing my own songs, the drums are programmed and I know the exact BPM and where it changes. I have manually changed the BPM with EOF but it still doesn't line up properly. When I was using Guitar Pro I had some issues getting the bars lined up properly, and I tried using the Bar Arranger tool and it fixed things right up. Maybe that is where I went astray? I think I noticed some sections where the BPM changes were imported and all messed up (stuff like 174.23, 185.46) but that was later in the song and I was still concentrating on getting the first few parts synced up so I haven't investigated that further yet. I will try out this GPA program but now I'm wondering if it's really the Guitar Pro file that needs to be fixed before I go any farther.
  15. So one of the main reasons I got into custom Rocksmith songs was because I was interested in trying to map out a couple of my own songs in the game just for fun. Recently I've spent some time putting together a reasonable representation of one of my songs in Guitar Pro. When played in Guitar Pro it sounds pretty accurate, but when I import the GP5 file into Editor On Fire it seems to have a tough time with the BPM changes. Everything seems pretty good up until the first BPM change, then it gets all wonky. I've tried messing around with stretching the sections but that doesn't seem to be the answer. I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if this is a common difficulty mapping out songs for Rocksmith with varying BPMs? Anybody have some words of wisdom for me?
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