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  1. I'm bumping this thread cause I believe the cdlc got deleted from here somehow. Can anybody upload the file somewhere? I was really getting the hang of it before it got deleted from my pc.
  2. HBD bro. I see that I'm 4 days older than you hahaha ;)
  3. It's a pull-off chord Basically -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- -----------10p0--------- -----------10p0---------
  4. Hello there fellow CF rockers I'm looking for some Latin songs/artists for RS (besides Santana). I personally prefer Cuban music ( group of singers, piano playing, slow tempo)
  5. Reunited with my guitar. Raping my fingers.

  6. Haha thank you sir there's no need for that ;) I'll look into it myself in a few weeks after I get past my exams.
  7. I was around since Smithy Anvil and then the day this website started working, and I have never donated. It's annoying me to just come here & get everything for free but give back nothing (I'd love to make customs but sadly I don't have any time for that).
  8. Well my country is banned by PayPal, and there is no option for paying with a gift card in PayPal (technically there is, but it's either Visa gift cards or MasterCard gift cards etc which I can't find where I live). So is there any other method I could contribute to the site? I could buy like an iTunes or Amazon gift card and give it to the admin if that makes "Peon" vanish from my title :)
  9. I think we could create a single wish list with members' ideas and send it to Ubi.
  10. I'm not trying to bash any genre but IMO the rock scene has to undo what grunge did to it in the 90s, after that it can reclaim the charts and "save" music just like hip-hop did :lol:
  11. I'll definitely try it myself, but I wanted some expert opinions from the people here beforehand.
  12. Thanks for your advice sir
  13. Hello dear custom-playing, riff-repeating, score-attacking people of CF! Well I'm looking to buy my first Acoustic this summer (been playing electric for 2 years now), and I did some research on a fine guitar that won't break the bank & found this. I play mostly bluesy, hard rock stuff on my LP but I'm getting this one mostly for folk stuff + songwriting. It'd be awesome if someone could give me an advice on if it fits the genre I'm going for or if there's a better guitar I can get within this price range. Here's the official instrument link: http://www.cortguitars.com/en/product/mr710f-1 I have problems with embedding Youtube videos so here's a link to Acoustic Guitar Magazine review: https://youtu.be/NAat20cJ9aY P.S. I live in Iran so because of the sanctions there's no Epiphone, Gibson, Martin here. It's mostly Cort, Ibanez & Yamaha Lots o love & keep on rocking http://www.cortguitars.com/img/product_colors/MR710F_hz.png
  14. Well, I'll start with Nancy Wilson http://armourbeauty.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Nancy1.jpg And end with Joan Jett because why not http://coolinthe80s.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Joan+Jett+KgCdmh32799602.jpg These are the women who can play my guitar anytime they want (no pun intended)
  15. I imagine Titanic sinking & I'm there with my wife playing the chords to Wild Horses by Stones & singing it together as we drown. (Yes I'm THAT romantic ;) )
  16. And we're off to the heroin-era Zeppelin!
  17. Yardbirds' Jimmy Page '69 Jimmy Page '73 Jimmy Page '75 Jimmy Page But aside from the laughs here are the real 4 (in no particular order): Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Eddie Van Halen Jimi Hendrix Honorable mention: Gary Moore
  18. I'm away from my guitar & it freakin' hurts!

  19. It would be awesome if we could get Bucketfel or either Buckethead himself here. I'm sure they have time for this
  20. You guys have heard about the recent claim on Stairway by Spirit?
  21. Once there was a boy named GetTheLedOut Who created customs as best as he could Although one day Smithy kicked him and Uthere out They kept on rockin', wherever they could
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