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I've got a WIP that I would like reviewed if possible please: Anberlin - Feel Good Drag (link to WIP post).

This work is not quite ready for release yet, and I'm not sure if I should submit it for testing now, or when I believe it's finally ready, so feedback on that if possible.  I am hoping that the only thing left to do is add tones, and that is one of the things I'm looking for feedback on.  I have not specified fingering yet, and I think some silent space at the end of the song might be good, but probably not required.  I may PM some people as well.


Thanks much for any assistance you can provide!

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I was hoping that maybe someone might have the time to do a test of my Beatles "Hey Bulldog" project. I'd like to get it posted to the database, but I want to make sure it's good enough for that first, and need some objective eyes, ears, and hands to determine that.


If you can leave your comments in my WiP thread after testing, that would be great. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help! It is very much appreciated!


Hey Bulldog (link to WiP thread).

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If anyone could test my song that would be great!


Jason Aldean - My Kinda Party



Took me forever to make and I think it is pretty good although the solos are too difficult for me. 


It requires a capo and when I use a capo, any of the open stringed chords do not get detected but I think that is just my guitar.


Suggestions appreciated! 


EDIT:  Nevermind, I will be posting the song tomorrow.  Look for it ;)

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Guys since im very very busy and have little time to dedicate (i havent played RS in a while), i made the googledocs editable by anyone so please go ahead and report over there, ill be coming here every now and then but until the end of this month i might have some more free time, sorry for this, wish me luck xD.

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So i write it down here again, for our new Guys.


If u send Eddie or me a PM for the CDLC list, Feedback is great, but also write them under the tested CDLC/WIP.

We need the Feedbacks to testing, thats right, but more to see if those problems are fixed if we test them again.

So we can only re-test the CDLC/WIP , if those things are fixed, when the Charter Knowing those problems.


Also put in what u tested, Rhythm,Lead, Bass or everything. Better for us and the Charter.


If the CDLC/WIP isn't in the list yet, so first test ever pls give us the Link for it, too.


Thx for reading.

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Looking for a metal oriented tester with nimble fingers to go through my customs list which can be found here. I think that especially my old customs might have problems and i really want to iron all the kinks out of them. Some songs i simply cannot even play myself when we talk about some lightning fast melodeath.


If someone is interested then let me know and let's start working together a bit. 

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  • Administrator

I will probably try a lot of them since i love some of this bands but it will surely take some time.


Don't know about my guitar skill but since i can play most in flames songs with more than 90%, i think i can do it.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Amorphis customs are quite well tested by many, and i think only problem with them is too long sustains. Insomnium, Kalmah, Wintersun and Omnium Gatherum songs are the ones that needs testing most. But of course any single one of them can be tested if the song is pleasant for you.


I'm also going through those as i think there is a lot to fix, at least for the first ones i created.

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It would be a good idea to have a button to report and identify a bad release

on the release page of a song..


Some people care more for guitar than bass, some don't care about tones.

It's not acceptable that releases keep missing a default tone, which makes it necessary to restart RS


People who release a song almost take priority on this song,

and it would be no good to see several releases of the same song.


This means, a release must be corrected for clearly identified errors,

and if the author does not have the time or is not willing or caring, he should allow others to do it.

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