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  1. Hi, try this link and let me know if it works, it should take you straight to the folder where all my old customs are stored. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PgiWHofzif_yJmQ4xCSGMSeTbQh13Qrg?usp=sharing
  2. Happy Birthday Jansku79!

  3. Happy Birthday Jansku79!

  4. Transferring all the customs to a google drive and going through each one to polish them a bit. Also some new interesting customs coming soonish!
  5. Ahh so nothing more serious than that hehe. Thanks for the info mate :plus1:
  6. Been away for a while and updated my rocksmith to remasted version only to notice that pretty much all my custom songs (including my own) are not working anymore. Can someone tell or point me to a guide, on how to fix these issues so i can at least fix my own songs :)
  7. Hey guys, just an update of current situation and lack of new customs. I hooked up with couple of guys from these forums and we decided to compose some pieces of our own music. What comes to customs, i will release the title track from the new Insomnium album after our first song is recorded. Got many requests for more Kalmah and it will come eventually, if someone else is not faster than me.
  8. I own Amplitube 3 and it's miles ahead of sound or customizing quality compared to RS virtual gear. Only things i miss in rocksmith is freely adjustable camera angles and better tools for sound creation for example graphical EQ's and ability to use impulses would be great :P
  9. No i mean exactly the note highway where the camera slowly hovers chasing the fret hand position. There must be a fixed setting somewhere that determines the angle of the camera.
  10. Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone knows how the camera system is built in RS. I would love to be able to tilt it up a bit. I went through some config files and stuff, but there were no camera settings anywhere. In some faster songs it would be so much easier to see whats coming up ahead on the chart when there is a clutter of single notes, open notes and big chord blocks all together.
  11. Tested and could be useful, i like the horizontal view as i have played from tabs before rocksmith. In RS it is sometimes problematic to see behind clutter of chords and i wish there was an adjustable camera angle, so i could tilt it slightly up to see further on the chart. Rock prodigy is a bit too pricey for it's content in my opinion.
  12. Amorphis customs are quite well tested by many, and i think only problem with them is too long sustains. Insomnium, Kalmah, Wintersun and Omnium Gatherum songs are the ones that needs testing most. But of course any single one of them can be tested if the song is pleasant for you. I'm also going through those as i think there is a lot to fix, at least for the first ones i created.
  13. Looking for a metal oriented tester with nimble fingers to go through my customs list which can be found here. I think that especially my old customs might have problems and i really want to iron all the kinks out of them. Some songs i simply cannot even play myself when we talk about some lightning fast melodeath. If someone is interested then let me know and let's start working together a bit.
  14. Can't go wrong with Schecter, and Hellraiser series is the one where the quality skyrockets with less money.
  15. Looking for ultimate acoustic tone settings, if it exists.
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