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  1. I am already planning out my third guitar haha
  2. Thanks for all the advice! I guess I should have mentioned my current model. It is a Yamaha EG 112C (Picture Here). The front pickup doesn't even work any more lol. I think that is a wiring issue. I am debating going all out on a gibson les paul or going cheaper with the epiphone Les Paul but I am keeping a lookout for a used one for a bit.
  3. Hello All, So I have been playing guitar for a while but really picked it up when I started playing rocksmith. I have been using an extremely cheap Yamaha guitar (roughly $100) and I am thinking it is time for an upgrade. My main hesitation is that I really only play rocksmith and that is it and my cheap guitar seems to the job just fine. The main thing I think I would enjoy is longer sustains as my guitar fades quickly. So my question is, is there a significant benefit to using a nicer guitar with rocksmith when compared to cheap one? Any input appreciated, thanks.
  4. I believe I am having the same issue on Windows 10 but it may be different. When running the app regularly, it does not have enough permissions to do anything such as rename or delete so I tried running it as admin by right clicking it in the start menu and click "Run as Admin" and the hour glass appears for a few seconds and then nothing happens. I can't seem to find it running in any processes either. I did confirm that I am running the .NET that @@cozy1 linked to. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Side note: I believe that .NET framework is built into Windows 10 - See This Link - It isn't updated for Win 10 but it does say that Win 8 came with 4.5 pre-installed which I believe includes the referenced .Net 4.0. Also This Link says that after Win 7 SP1, it is installed automatically (assuming you run updates). I am no expert on .Net or programming with it so @@cozy1 may me referring to a specific version that is needed not a generic included one.
  5. haarek, would you mind elaborating on what you did to fix this? It seems I am having the same issue. Thanks.
  6. Look at the tech notes guide posted by berneer. I believe there is ask example for what you are looking for. The examples are at the end off the first post.
  7. I am not positive but I am pretty sure the xkey is just for backups and will not let you do customs. I haven't used it though. I agree that it is unlikely Microsoft will be doing any major update but I would not be surprised if they did.
  8. You have to be quite technically experienced. It is no easy task. It will require you to buy parts and a lot of time (hours and hours). You will not be able to play on Xbox live either unless a new method has come out since I last did my research. My recommendation would be to buy one that is already modded. I would check craigslist and I think eBay has some too. However, it would be cheaper to just buy the PC version then to buy the parts or another Xbox (again, unless it had changed since my last research). I believe the the pc version is on sale right now for $30 on the origin store so if you already have the real tone cable then that is what I would do.
  9. I second that there is already a topic for tones requests although I do not think it very useful or used at all. I am no expert with tones but I spent a few hours last night working on them and I got them to work. I might put together a tutorial based upon what I did even though it might not be all correct or the right way to do it.
  10. And here is is: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/my-kinda-party-r2922 Please read the release notes!!
  11. If anyone could test my song that would be great! Jason Aldean - My Kinda Party Took me forever to make and I think it is pretty good although the solos are too difficult for me. It requires a capo and when I use a capo, any of the open stringed chords do not get detected but I think that is just my guitar. Suggestions appreciated! EDIT: Nevermind, I will be posting the song tomorrow. Look for it ;)
  12. I recommend looking at the beat map tutorial in the help forum. It has worked great for me.
  13. Great work on the tutorial. After many hours of trial and error I think I have it down. I'll be posting my song later.
  14. As you were saying above, I was wondering if there was any reason for doing trill but it sounds like you say no at this time. From what I understand, raynebc, you are one who develops EoF, correct? If so, I thank you for your work. I have never seen a project like this that is so well done. I am truly impressed. I am trying to figure out tech notes right now which I think you had a hand in developing too and I hope you will be impressed with my final product.
  15. Ok, thanks. I think I know what to do. Side question. Is there a way to select regular notes as well as tech notes at the same time? If I need to re-sync a portion, I have to re-sync tech notes as well which is a hassle.
  16. First off, I am in way over my head trying to do this song but I have learned so much doing it so I just keep going. The song is "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean. The main reason I am doing it is because the solo is great. Part of the solo has a trill (or at least I think it is) which I am not sure how to tab correctly in EoF. To hear it in the song, go to this link and go to 3:55 in the song and it is shortly after. This is what I have it as in EoF: http://i.imgur.com/Eycse3R.png I am not even sure the notes are correct but that is besides the point. It does not show up correctly in game so what is the way I should do it? Thanks!
  17. Here it is. One thing I did note was that I created it under "PART_REAL_GUITAR" on accident as it should have been Rhythm aka "PART_REAL_GUITAR_22." Would that make a difference? <sections count="9"> <section name="intro" number="1" startTime="2.033"/> <section name="verse" number="1" startTime="13.741"/> <section name="chorus" number="1" startTime="35.692"/> <section name="preverse" number="1" startTime="60.570"/> <section name="verse" number="2" startTime="72.277"/> <section name="chorus" number="2" startTime="82.521"/> <section name="bridge" number="1" startTime="119.106"/> <section name="chorus" number="3" startTime="154.228"/> <section name="noguitar" number="1" startTime="178.009"/> </sections>
  18. I set up a section and phrase for each part of the song but when I go to riff repeater, it shows the white song as one section. Any ideas on why it would do this?
  19. Awesome, thanks for your help! I am going to try and use what you have said and see what I can do. I'll report back on my findings. Edit 1: I got it to work correctly after tinkering with guitar pro for a little. For this song, I only had one tone. When there is multiple tones, how does it work? Is the "Base Tone" the first tone, and "Tone B" the second one and so forth? Edit 2: I just viewed raynebc's post on another topic: This clarified the EoF portion, but could someone (or raynebc) clarify what to do in the toolkit when there are multiple tones? For example, Tone A --> Tone B --> Tone A --Tone B
  20. I am working on my CDLC and could use some help. First, I am trying to use custom tones on my track. When Naming tones in EoF, what do I name them?When saving, I am told I need two tones to be on the track, could someone explain this?What tone do I set as default?The way I have it set up now, it seems to be breaking the tones for the rest of the song in the game after playing it, I am sure it has something to do with the way I have it set up For Lyrics, is there a tutorial for it somewhere? I thought I passed by one somewhere but I can not seem to locate it now. If not, could someone give me a quick explanation on how to do so. The sticky about lyrics is informative but does not seem to have what I am looking for. Another thing, when saving, I get the following: And: Could someone explain these messages? Here is a link to the psarc: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tvni30pz0qfpcq8/A_Day_To_Remember_Plot_To_Bomb_The_Panhandle_v1_DD_p.psarc If someone could look at it, that would be great. I think I had more questions but I will add them when I remember them. Edit 1: First thing I remembered, What are "Rocksmith Events" and how are they used?
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