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  1. Why do you want to be a moderator?I like helping the community and gives me a chance to interact with people outside of my mundane everyday life. What do you bring to the Customs Forge community that is unique to you?I like to bring an open mind and not judge to quickly. I'm fair, and I do not tolerate bullying. Outside of that I think I bring a unique flavor to the diversity of this site. My activity on this site will be increasing, and by being moderator, it allows me to be more productive with my lazy couch surfing. Cake or Pie? (this is important)Pie. Not only is it a number, but it's
  2. donated $10. hope it helps. When i get a job I will donate more.
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to making cdlc and have a problem. i have imported the mp3 and tab file into EoF, but the music and tabs are not synced. I only know of the select all method to move the tabs, is there a way to select everything that comes after a certain point? Like if i wanted from bar 10 to the rest of the song. Basically every part is out of sync and I have to manually re position each phrase. thanks for the help!
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