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  1. same, ran patch just get amps after selecting songs
  2. Here is a start of over 1,000 tones in an excel database. Need help sorting, look at how I did 25or6to4: "Band name, song name, instrument, and general sound (here we may need people to go back and add more detail after trying the tones - maybe are named 'lead', etc.). BTW I need a good over drive guitar tone for 'cover me' by the Boss. Link to db: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jn4y4genhczk0p1/Tone_database.xlsx/file
  3. If the note spacing is correct and you just want to move notes back then, CTRL + A (highlight all notes) and then grab first or last notes and slide them all to wanted position.
  4. Yes, you can create cdlc on a mac. Look all the way on top of this forum page and click on "Create CDLC" tab. Follow instructions. If you need help hit me up I just got my first cdlc up and running "Let it Bleed" by the stones. Good luck, Mike
  5. Hello, Following your tutorial and can not get Editor on fire to browse for song in File-new attempt. I just get this: "Select music file" and then below in a box a long folder string starting with "applications/eof...." I can not browse for a song. And I can not figure out how to place the mp3 or ogg file in eof. Using a Mac, 10.13.6 high sierra. Please help. I installed eof then utitlities. Mike
  6. I would like an answer too. I believe that the problem was always that I couldn't use Wwise on a mac. I got tired of trying to shoestring songs together on an old PC laptop so I just gave up. Does anyone else remember what the holdup was? Was it Wwise? Thanks
  7. It was the patch, I had tried before, but it was a different link to an old one. The one is this thread worked. Thanks so much.
  8. Hello all, Been on here (CF) since start and have posted several cdlcs and mac user guide. I am stumped. Played RS about a week and a half ago, a few days later having changed nothing (did not add even 1 cdlc) the game locks (on cdlcs only - not on other "official" songs) after tuning and I get this screen (below). I have removed all cdlcs from dlc folder except my oldest and most trusted 'back in black', made sure cherub was still there, and confirmed dll file was in root and properly named. I am not a techie guy and am now lost. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated (I am thinking about putting together a mac trouble shooting guide after reading all the threads, so please list fix with as much detail as possible). Mike
  9. Thanks guys!!!! It lives! I was so frustrated, play for two hours straight, only issue (which I think I read was going to happen) was the DD, and giving 100% on some songs. Don't care, just happy to be playing with SRV out tonight!!!! Thanks so much, Mike
  10. Hello all, Been a CF'er for years now and have authored several songs, but the remastered download has me stumped. I have been unable to play since the update. I want to pay someone in the Chicago area to get me back up and running. I am in Carol Stream, IL - 60188 zip code. I got it to open and play a song - then crashed. Removed all cldc except for 4 songs that have worked for years, same thing. Re-downloaded everything after uninstall, now I can't get RS injector to open. I would also like to get the Beta for the CF song manager and have it's use explained, if possible but not required. Email me at mikewiehle@comcast.net or message me here. I am on a Mac running El Capitan 10.11.6 Thanks, Mike
  11. Hello, Benn using cdlc on Mac for years. Since the remastered 2014 automagically appeared (I never downloaded it or okayed an update) I couldn't get past the amp screen after tuning. Tried to reinstall game, put in new dll and upgraded to RS injector 3. Now the game won't launch when I double click the RS injector.app. This is day three and two chats with steam. I need some help, I have even tried doing a restore from a few days ago and starting from scratch. In the hidden folder I no longer see the contents folder. I have completely screwed this up, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  12. Good thread, but really no answers on a new game. This game was released October, 2013!! That is almost 2 years ago. I have to assume when they (IF they ever) announce a new game it will not come out for 6-12 months after the announcement. Assume they announce soon that means the earliest we will see another version is mid 2016 (or almost 3 years after the last game). Outta sight, then you are outta mind.
  13. I found the thread you guys mentions by searching 'tone requests' (seeing how you did not post the link as I requested), all requests no tones. This thread is for people to post tones they created, the exact opposite of the other thread. Having to explain stuff over and over is getting really boring. This thread is not for requests but for actual tones. So please, if you have made a custom tone, please post them here. Thanks
  14. Thank you all for all of the ways I can finish these songs. That is not what this post is for, First; Heavy Metal is not Hagar version. Next, I have tried several tones for Layla including Have you ever.... None sounded good. I do not think you are getting it - I am done with these. Anyone who wishes to do the tones can do so, I figured it was better to post the songs with completed tabbing then throw songs out. I will never work on these again. Thank you
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