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This comes from the discussion over at http://customsforge.com/topic/1470-the-need-to-separate-good-cdlc-from-unfinishedbad-one/


Basically this is a list of guys willing to commit some of our time to testing CDLC and commenting our findings be it at the workshop pertinent to that CDLC, via PM and/or the google docs below, if you need anything tested let us know by posting here or via PM to any of us at the list below, PERSONALLY i preffer PMs that way i get a notification so yeah, also let us know if you would like to test CDLC, this is an open group and we are happy to get more guys to join just try to keep it relaxed and follow our example, cheers :).


COMPLETE LIST OF TESTED CDLC: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqgJhtukD_LedE85eVg4V3E2TjlZZ0t0RFJnNlZSU1E&usp=sharing%C2%A0



GUIDELINES FOR TESTERS(this are suggestions but we would really appreciate any tester keeping close to them):


-If you plan to test CDLC on a constant or semi-constant basis please let Olorin or myself know(its much more convenient for us if you do it via PM, BTW) that way we will add you to the list.

-Its not a job, you can do it on your own speed but we do ask you to report your feedback in at least two places, 1) the CDLC/workshop post of that particular song and also the GOOGLE DOC(link up there).

-If you report feedback at the CDLC post please go as much in detail as you feel to but when posting feedback in the google doc please try to keep it short and simple, read the first feedbacks to see how we did it and take from that example.

-Also please be sure to post links to the particular file you are reviewing for clarity sake.


A little explanation on the google docs entries logic:


As you can see we have the basic information colums: Artist, Song, Testers, Link, Status and Feedback.


***Artist/Song: self explanatory, name of the artist and the particular song you tested.

***Testers: basically, US, you, whoever has valid feedback for the CDLC.

***Link: link to the CDLCDB/WORKSHOP/FILE you tested, try to keep them valid in case the autor of the CDLC changes something.

***Status: The current status of the TESTING DONE on the CLDC, NOT the status of the charter project/CDLC, i.e. if it needs more TESTING, if it has been fully tested or not, personally i manage 2 status, FULLY TESTED(which i color GREEN) and AWAITING TESTERS (means me or someone tested the CDLC but would also like for more people to give us feedback on that particular CDLC, specially if i/we didnt tested ALL the features in the song, for example i only tested the bass but no lead)

***Feedback: BASIC feedback, specially short comments that summarize your findings, feel free to go into more detail when posting in the particular CDLC entry at the database or workshop post.

For example: 


"Lead: good but tone is too muddy/overdriven, rhythm: good but a bit imprecise at the end, bass: great"


As you can see you give info on what and where needs work but you can go into waaay more detail at the post of that CDLC on the DB.


ALSO, i just added the "CHARTER" column, that way we can give credit to whoever charted the CDLC ;).







CrazyEddie (on weekends)

















EDIT (26,04,2014): Just a small notice, i havent run away haha, ive just been busy with work and will continue to be until the end of this month (april, 2014), i really want this small project to get serious enough to help the community while being relaxed and not stressfull specially for the rest of our team ;).

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Don't get me wrong, but that is nonsense.


If someone want a CDLC he first look at the CDLC databse. If he read there that the CDLC work good that he would download it.

But to think everyone will first look to the list, is a little bit naiv.


So Why u not simply post there that everything is fine and also create a list?


So u can reach more people and let them now that this CDLC works good. You can not just go by that ,that everyone look at your list first and then download it. Of course it would be helpfull for a better overview which cdlc are allready good and which not.


Espacially person who only want there song, they look at the database look for the comments (or not) and thats it. The dont take the time for looking on the list before they download something.


So if u ask me Post a List and leave a comment on every CDLC u test.

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So if u ask me Post a List and leave a comment on every CDLC u test.



I agree, we can make this list include which CDLC we have tested, shouldnt be a big deal, just as a reference, like






-Song X (tested) -link to DB entry with our comments about the test we did over there-





-Song y (tested) -link to DB entry with our comments about the test we did over there-



And so forth, the editing in here should be minimal specially if you PM me the info (CDLC you tested and the appropiate link to its DB entry), would just be copy/paste.

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WEll i would let it test by 2 or 3 person. Because everyone has a diffrent hearing and seeing.

one could say yeah there is it a littlebit out of sync but the second or third said everything is cool.


I know it's more work but, if we want a little bit more quality than we should test it with quality.


And to the list thing, i had a lightning idea, if it would possible i would prefer to make a sticky post on the submitted section. Because then it is easier for every to find it.

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Just make this a sticky, also, im pretty much ok with the idea of several people testing the same, the fact that we mention what we test is to let others know of how many people are already on that, lets say we have 3 testers on 1 single song, a 4th or 5th can do another song... thats my intention at least.

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If we could get an admin in this convo it would be great, they way we would do it is simply have a list of testers, each going like X song is verified by me. We would also comment on the cdlc page, saying that the custom is great. That way people can either A) Consult out list and go directly to the cdlc and download, or B) People browsing cdlc on their own will see our feedback. Like Olorin said.

There was this girl who lived not too long ago, as a matter of fact I think she lives still


 JayEm's Workshop

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Damn it get me in ^^ but i can't guarantee how often i can test and so on. Health problems and so on.

I wouldnt treat this thing other than casual in a million years, the key to ejoying RS and this community for me is to have a casual and relaxed approach, so were in the same boat ;) dont worry and thank you.

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i'll join as a tester, if there is still room availible :)


Thx for your help. as long we don't have 20 guys on this thread i think its possible to handle it.


But 3 other question, because it seems to me we all want to work as a team.


Will we have any conditions in relation to the testing?


I mean something like, we all test everything on the CDLC or we work according to the schematic, 2 testing bass, 2 Rhythm ,2 Lead ?


That would be a overview able Team if we would work with 6 Person, also it would give the verify more authenticity.


I suppose , we all want that the community take benefit from our work?!.


Will we have any condition for the coordination of the thread?


Like no small talk here, only sharing the test results


How do we keep the thread overviewing clear?


I thought about this sheme:


Cuerrently tested by the Members:


[Link to the CDLC/Name] i would say max. 10


Status of the testing results by each Member:




Tested CDLC 1-3 Bass part or whatever



Tested 1-4 Lead


and so on


Waiting for Update and re testing of the CDLC:


[Link to CDLC/Name]


CDLC verified by every Member:


[Link to  CDLC/Name]




In this case I'm feeling typical German. I 'm not working blind on a thing, i had to know what I'm working on and where the course goes.

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1) Will we have any conditions in relation to the testing?


2) Will we have any condition for the coordination of the thread?


3)How do we keep the thread overviewing clear?



1) So far my mentality is to complement anything that you guys do AND catches my attention, thats why i did Buckethead first instead of looking for something in the CDLC i was curious+saw the need to support, once i contributed on your work i went to look for CDLC that cought my attention, im not a fan of Adele but i decided to do her CDLC coz i wanted something different.


Given that i only test on weekends and that many of us have different schedules/responsabilities/time to spare/interests, i would suggest we keep this flexible WHILE trying to complement other´s work (i think FUN+HELPING CDLC COMMUNITY should be our TOP priority), so in my humble opinion i think we should keep it relaxed, now, IF there are others that want to get organized then please do, but i would suggest they form a sub group inside this very topic, let me know if you want me to make a list of a team within our list (i dont think we should have different lists, that would defeat the puorpose of people being able to easily see what is tested).


2) I see your point and yes, it could get messy to see things here so, up to the point where we finish discussing this i would suggest radio silence, the other alternative would be to have open forum here and if you wish to notify me about your testing so i can update the list you could PM me with the info, which i think its a viable option.


3) We could keep this same format or we could do this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqgJhtukD_LedE85eVg4V3E2TjlZZ0t0RFJnNlZSU1E&usp=sharing 

Max. count of testing could be a healthy 3-5 testers on most if not all arrangements (not everyone has both bass and guitar and not everyone is willing to try everything, for now lets take what we can get, no? specially when the opinion is unanimous, in case of divided opinion we could label "CHANGES SUGGESTED" until those are corrected (IF they are at least of the original charter or another charter) then the CDLC could be labeled "FULLY TESTED".

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OF course Fun and Helping the Community is the Top Priority.


Well then i would say , if no one else want to start a discussion then we will testing around and so on. Else goes to the PM Section.


Before i forget ^^ link doesn't work for me ^^ No access ^^


link fixed oops xD

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