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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 241

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Love the Opeth song. I had never heard it before. Spent some time working on Megadeath. Not my favorite song by them, but damn, it's fun to play.       Can I voluntarily move up to Masterclass? It's

No more scores from me this week.  I'm going to Sweden Rock Festival in a few hours.  http://img.tradera.net/images/574/271976574_32a6156d-522c-47b7-82d4-136c8cb8de54.jpg

Megadeth: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402335991   I Used to love this song when I was a kid :D It's really flippin' good fun to play too :D   Vijo:   My camera mic was ac




@@Rodman Left me on read last week bro. How do you get the gog award? I probably won't get it for a while but it's nice to have a goal.


Best things in life are free, so is that thimble of ignorance ;) - sorry for that, didn´t forget just no real time.


So - The GoG Award is a challenge cup. No points awarded, after 2-weeks competition it is handed over to the winner until a next winner takes it away.


The actual situation: @@JokerTheAnarchist has won it in week 237/238 Calderone GoG competition, and at the end of the ronning week (GoG 2/2) the winner gets it.



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managed to get half an hour in today on songs i have never heard of before, straight in at the deep ends to speak,








i did have a Megadeth Rhythm run but i forgot the screen shot  ;)


which is just as well as it wasn't very good to say the least,


night night all

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Love the Opeth song. I had never heard it before. Spent some time working on Megadeath. Not my favorite song by them, but damn, it's fun to play.






Can I voluntarily move up to Masterclass? It's been extremely difficult to stay atop the Advanced division. I feel like @@MaZtoR has really made me a much better player just trying to beat his scores every week. I truly appreciate the competition. It's time to push myself a little harder and really work on the master solos.


And a big thanks to @@Mortalo, @@Rodman and anyone else I missed that puts this championship together each week. It certainly keeps me playing more than I would otherwise.


Keep Rockin!

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@@MellonFarmer levels up to MC LEAD! Congrats - yes, that´s deffo where you belong!



You have left me with no chance over the last months, i´d be very pleased if i will ever reach the level you are now.

How long have you been playing by now?


Have fun at MC and make sure to give Stark, John, Joky, Nick, Kos and Kid G a damn hard time over there!

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@@Rodman, I guess I've been playing Rocksmith for about 6 years now. I know I have terrible practice habits and should be better, but I try to get better at something every time I pick up the guitar. I spent some time in RR for this and got a slight improvement. I hope focusing more on practicing the difficult solos will give me my next skill jump. Certainly feels like I'm on the right track.


I'll give the MC players all I got. I know some of these guys are great on the more technical stuff. I don't know all of it yet, but that's why we're here, right?



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This is the first time I do this so I don't know if this is how I am supposed to do it.


Advance lead - Opeth - Harvest




Intermediate Lead - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter




Just in case I want to say that I'd like to be in the Advance Lead class.


Also I had to make the photographs with my mobile phone because I can't make screenshots in my PC (it's just a white image). I will try to fix this.



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