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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 214

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Alright, mostly bass and my first few tries at the Neil Young lead part.  Just to say I'm not a music snob, and I'm not a big fan of Neil Young, but at least it's something I can work through.  On the other hand the Konrad song the first listen through I thought it was horrible and the second I nearly had an anxiety attack so I'm probably going to delete that one from my library and never speak of it again. . . then again I am a bit sick this week already.  Yup still deleting it, well eventually I'll have to make hard drive space.







Thanks all for keeping the contest going!



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lead + and bass first   http://up.picr.de/31081256pq.jpg http://up.picr.de/31081257jp.jpg  

Megadeth : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1213118654 This is really fun :D 

Can`t stop to play these divine riffs Update:

93% on the first go ?? ok john paul jones you're out, it's not fair 

I'll need at last 3 weeks to learn half the song...

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lead + and bass first





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First scores of the week, id like to say 'first tries of the week' but they are not..... struggled a bit to get these scores.


However they should worry a couple of ya  <_<




more than 5 goes........a lot more than 5 goes




Recognition issues with the big fat open E string




issues with... too bloody fast, too many notes, fingers ache too much and making my ears bleed.




night night all

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Playing the last one in drop D without headphones hurts my ears, the sounds from the strings is really off.  Tried it once in drop C to and i was a lot better, but i got a worse score.

It is the same for my drop pedal. I have to put volume loud or play with headphones because as soon as I hear the strings I get confused. 


I've fretted wrong because of that too. Especially when you use the pedal one or 2 semitones down. 

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This song made me practice better. Spent a lot of time in RR trying to not completely mangle the solo. Definitely need the headphones to play this one, for the tuning difference. This cover might be a little over the top, but I did enjoy playing it.



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