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  1. Happy Birthday Staji!

  2. Happy Birthday Staji!

  3. I can't not make a swift return for my GoG pick :lol: / Rock on guys! \m/
  4. Happy Birthday Staji!

  5. Here I am 'posting my scores earlier than normal'... :mellow:
  6. @@Stark_Knight oh man that always sucks :( . I'll try to play the songs and upload my scores earlier next week to show my progress.
  7. Upload the screenshot to Imgur, then use this button when you post your scores with the Imgur url: ^_^
  8. Not going to kill my hands with the bass path thank you very much :P
  9. Nice bass part :lol:... ...but oh god do I hate this lead path :angry:
  10. How nice of the organizers to give me some extra time to let me grind this song for a bit and hopefully snatch that first place :P
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