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  1. I swear that I don't hate every song, I just don't like this one and several others. And I enjoy complaining. --Wren
  2. Hmm Looks like my first bass attempt was Sep 2017 with this: Tried playing it again, and I got bored . . . and my hand cramped from playing the same 2 notes through multiple phrases. Up yours E and G. And arthritis is a horses ass. I blame lazyness since I only practice 2 hours a night on average. Back to your regularly scheduled whine fest as I start to practice polk salad annie.
  3. Up 6% since my last play of this song. I'll definitely be playing both rush songs and the opeth, okay a playthrough of rammstein too. But just the one.
  4. Played with a drop tuner, man I suck when the notes in rocksmith don't match up with what I'm playing, but figured holidays are over time to get back on track with actually doing this weekly again instead of haphazardly.
  5. It's the holidays which means extra work for me and my exhaustion makes me math bad. I'm sure I could have done better on this except for three things. No days off. It's a christmas song so I'll only ever play it once, I still hate christmas with a passion. Wrist gnawed on and bruised badly by a stray dog at work, and no I'm not a vet, and no the dog had no business there. Nor did my wrist have any business in it's mouth. I'm lazy. --Wren
  6. I liked the Amorphis tune better. The end. Wren
  7. Note to self, after doing a work out with 4 sets of 25 burpees, noodle arms don't play the bass well.
  8. Sight reading out of the shower while finger picking is a bad idea. The notes just seem to stick to the callous. Oh well.
  9. 98 I can live with, maybe I'll play it with a pick . . .
  10. 86% sure I'll take that, I didn't even know there were notes above the 12th fret. Who Knew?
  11. I suck at timing slides in rocksmith. I can make them sound right to my ear, but rocksmith hates me . . . --Wrenth By the way I now stream rocksmith a couple of times a week, feel free to stop by and say hi, listen to some tunes or just watch me struggle through whatever I'm doing at the moment. Sorry no schedules, because my work schedule is a mess. twitch.tv/wrentheseed
  12. Not a fan and cramped my hand something horrible for some reason. Enjoyed much more, still cramped my hand just as much.
  13. Well just to end this shindig. Went back to the Pbass for one more sight read. Then did a score attack. I think if I would have stayed on the same instrument through all play throughs my improvement would have been better. Though I did have a one percent increase I think just from knowing the chart when first coming back to the pbass, then another 1% on the next play as it kinda translated to this instrument? Well no idea. Next week, I'll just been on the Sire. --Wren
  14. Alright, much better than expected on the fretless, but I did spend most of the time staring at my hands. So tomorrow morning I will loop back to my precision bass to wrap up. I'll do one more sight read style, then I'll do some practice to see what I can iron out for a final score. Instrument was my factory error squire precision fretless. It has a jazz neck on a P-bass body, had it checked and it's legit, left the indonesian factory that way. It's got some decent D'addario nylon tapewounds on it. --Wren
  15. Alright day 3. Ouch. Huge drop in score this time. Kept ending up on the B-String and had to spend quite a bit of time staring at my hands figuring out where the hell I was on the fretboard. This play through was on a Schecter Diamond Stilleto 5, using D'addario chrome flats. (I really don't like the feel of these particular chromes, they feel dry/chalky no matter what I do) Decent fret width, but tighter than what I'm used to. Tomorrow my guess is it will be rougher, but then when we cycle back to the P-Bass I figure I should be really familiar with the track at least. --Wren
  16. Alright, here's day two of the experiment, slightly worse score. Got lost in a phrase and was definitely harder to refind my fingering on the fret hand. Might also be partially due to the blocks instead of the fret dots, making it harder for me to find the twelfth fret as a reference point. Instrument was the Sire Marcus Miller, with DR flatwounds. Tomorrow the 5 String.
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