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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 134

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welcome to the  CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship

-= Week 134 =-



READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships
Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules


Last weeks Winners:


Beginner:         @n0pers

Intermediate:  @bruce717

Advanced:       @Roo

MasterClass:    @Brutus Erectus



Beginner:          @Hughmonty

Intermediate:   @iminashi
Advanced:         NA

Masterclass:      NA


Beginner:           @klaw and @tupoloflyer

Intermediate:    @covinhas87
Advanced:          @missis sumner



Winner - God of guitar - is mr. @Idlev, with score 98.61%  on lead Iron Maiden - Empire Of The Clouds


Congrats to all the winners


Honorably Mentions for scoring any 100% to @tupoloflyer on bass, @Hughmonty on lead


We had videos Iron Maidan by , and one by @Ligranor

This weeks songs are:


Lead Path:

Beginner:          The Strokes - New York City Cops      (3)   chosen by  @Trevellyan82

Intermediate:    The Flatliners - monumental             (5)   chosen by @Hughmonty

Advanced:         Amorphis - Bad blood                      (Dst) (7)   chosen by @MaZtoR

MasterClass:     Coheed and Camria - Ten Speed     (Eb)(9)   chosen by @Gamut


God of GuitarEric Johnson - Manhattan (10) chosen by @Brutus Erectus


Rhythm Path:
 The Strokes - New York City Cops       (3)
Intermediate:    The Flatliners - monumental            (5) 

Advanced:          Amorphis - Bad blood                      (6)

Masterclass:       Coheed and Camria - Ten Speed        (7)

Bass Path:
         The Strokes - New York City Cops         (2)

Intermediate:  Amorphis - Bad blood                         (5)

Advanced:        Coheed and Camria - Ten Speed         (6)

Masterclass:     Megadeth - Five Magics                   (9) (Played on 32 week early)


Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).


Exercise Challenges:


1st Exercise:    Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
2nd Exercise:   Blues Comping 2 in A major - straight 8ths

3rd Exercise:   Blues Comping 3 in G major

4rd Exercise:   Blues Comping 4 in E major


Everyone can bring up new scores that will be added to the

exercises scoreboards

Honorable list Diehard Member:

(draft - to be updated)

Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:

P.s. Please, see changes in Championship Class Lists!


let's mf go now!!!!



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  • Developer

My lead path sight-reading results:













God of Guitar



A predictable result.  B)

This custom could use some editing. In any case, the technical skill required is on a different level compared to last week's Iron Maiden.

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I might regret this, but this seems to be one of the easier 5's.  Actually, more like a 4 I suspect, and I can post a reasonable score  :) .


The reason I might regret it, is by posting a score, I avoid the drop back to beginner, and I have been struggling in intermediate.  To be fair to everyone though, I can post a score, so I will.


There are still a couple of points where I'm struggling with the speed and can't keep up, but there is enough I can play to post a reasonable score.


Intermediate lead - 93.9%



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I started with the strokes on bass.  After a few passes in RR, it was an easy 100%.


I'll try something else later this evening

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

haha, that's my try on the MC bass


I'd going nuts if play it like charted. Just one string too high. We need another one for bass MC this week I guess.

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Oh cool, my Coheed pick is up! :D Apparently I've played this song 4 times before, but I mostly avoided learning it because it was really hard!


Upon slowing the chart down, I can see that it has a good sync, and it's mostly on point... but there are some places where the melodies are completely the wrong thing. :( It's still pretty passable quality though, I think - it's about as wrong as What You Know was, and we played that as was. Did I mention how tricky this song is?

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Come join us in the Rocksmith Championship!

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Mastery higher than accuracy because I got downleveled at the end of second chorus for playing the right thing instead of the chart. Oops, I guess?

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Gamut now active again on Youtube!

Gamut on Twitch

Gamut on Twitter

Gamut Customs


Come join us in the Rocksmith Championship!

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

@@MonstaS4 @@joedoe


Boys, that are some scores already!!!!!! Can't wait to join in ;)

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On 11/8/2016 at 8:32 PM, Vodka said:

I hated Royal Republic prev. time. I hate it this time too.

UPD: OK. I hate every song. I guess I need to stop.


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After failing that intro three times (which has mentally scarred me) I have finally got something to post. this was really hard, considering I play 5 string basses. I'm going to have to try this again in the week. For now, I am mentally exhausted 


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