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  1. Hey everyone! Just a quick update! I am back from my long absence from uploading to the customsforge. Real life had other plans. I'm back now, and I am planning lots of new uploads, including a ton of rotting christ! So if you are a fan of rotting christ, keep an eye around my uploads! Thanks for checking out my workshop, and I love you all <3 Stay awesome! \m/
  2. Hey everyone, just letting you all know that I have returned from my festival, and am back to releasing new CDLC! 2 songs have been released today! Have fun, and don't forget to keep an eye on this page for all of my new, and upcoming CDLC! \m/
  3. Welcome to my workshop! This is where I shall post all of my custom songs, upcoming songs, and current artists I am working on! About my CDLC: I am a huge metalhead, and as such, all of my custom songs shall be metal. I don't plan to stretch out to other genres, as I plan to keep my workshop metal oriented. I normally just chart songs/artists that I can think of, but I also take requests! About Requesting: So I usually take requests, so long as they are metal songs that you want. I normally chart all requests I get, no matter what sub genre it may be (NO CORE). There may be reasons tha
  4. How did it snap ? :o shouldnt you be tuning down for Drop B ? It snapped because I use a 5 string bass that is tuned to B standard. I had to tune the E, A and D string up a whole step so it was in drop B ;) The D string was the one that snapped while tuning up :P
  5. So I tried to tune my 5 string up for babymetal, and my D string snapped, so that's always fun. Because of that, I'm not sure if I can take part this week. By the way, tool is going to need a new download link, because the current download link is on copy. The copy services went down at the beginning of may, so there is no way for anyone to download that song. Just an FYI :P
  6. People like to think that I have some kind of order in uploading cdlc. I really don't I, just chart and upload songs that pop into my head.

  7. Well, I just managed to 100% sightread the MC bass song this week, so that's always a great thing. Don't expect me to ever 100% sightread again :P http://i.imgur.com/6wLDDXT.jpg
  8. After failing that intro three times (which has mentally scarred me) I have finally got something to post. this was really hard, considering I play 5 string basses. I'm going to have to try this again in the week. For now, I am mentally exhausted http://i.imgur.com/v9kwsng.jpg
  9. Improved on my previous score. I'm sure I could probably get higher, but I'm happy with this score nonetheless :P http://i.imgur.com/WSBRbRF.jpg
  10. I think this was a great sightread. Really fun song! Good workout on my fingers! :D I think an fc will be possible, but that will have to wait until tonight, I'm out all day ;) http://i.imgur.com/ZG3GQw4.jpg
  11. Managed to get -1 on my sightread. That's kind of upsetting but I'm still happy with 100% on second attempt :P http://i.imgur.com/lxR1CFL.jpg
  12. So I beat my previous score, so I decided I will upload this as well. I was aiming for 99%+ but the rocksmith detection system isn't really in my favour :p http://i.imgur.com/jtw0XY2.jpg
  13. http://i.imgur.com/o84jSgH.jpg My first time doing this championship thingy. I could have probably got higher but I am happy with having the same number twice in one percentage
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