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  1. Lots of RR to get up to speed and then the first run on Score Attack was the best. Haven't been able to get close to it since. I'm not a barre chord fan, which translated means I'm not very good at them. Didn't really expect to like the song, but it's actually a lot of fun to play :) Beg Lead - 95.96% Streak - 127Score - 625,223
  2. There's obviously something decidedly dodgy with my bending technique :D. It took me 10 plays to get through score attack without a strike. With so few notes in the song, you only have to miss a couple and the percentage is way down. Beg Lead - 91.62% Streak - 42Score - 214,635
  3. @@Rodman - Thanks, it's good to have some time to play! Got some new strings today and what a difference. I can't believe how screwed the old ones were. Even had a go at the intermediate. Not very successfully as either my fingers are too fat or my technique is crap (alright, I know it's the later) and I was muting the A string with my middle finger. Anyone got any tips, other than "get better"? Anyway, better score on beginners Lead Beg Lead - 98.45% Streak - 217Score - 626,990
  4. With real life commitments, I haven't played in a long time. In fact week 136 was my last submission, but I'm trying hard to find the time to get back playing. I'd got stuck between beginner and intermediate before, not quite able to play intermediate, but promoted out of beginner. Hopefully I can push through it this time. Good to see some of the same people still here. Beg Lead - 95.36% Streak - 82Score - 258,180
  5. Oh well, not as much time as I'd have liked to practice this week, and I can't get through SA in intermediate Lead. I did manage to scrape a LAS score at full difficulty though. Best I can do for now. Int Lead - 78%
  6. I can't play the intermediate song yet, that's going to need some work before I can post a score. I did have a quick crack at the beginner song though. Very easy this week. Beg Lead - 100% Streak - 115 Score - 669,910
  7. Some small improvements. The Int lead song is really too fast for me still, although hopefully I'm getting better with the speed. I had a go at the Beg lead song though and found it pretty easy. Looks like I'm still stuck between levels :) Int Lead - 92.95% Beg Lead - 97.94%
  8. The Int song is really too fast for me again. I'll have to keep working at it though. Int Lead - 91% Beg Lead - 96.01%
  9. I might regret this, but this seems to be one of the easier 5's. Actually, more like a 4 I suspect, and I can post a reasonable score :) . The reason I might regret it, is by posting a score, I avoid the drop back to beginner, and I have been struggling in intermediate. To be fair to everyone though, I can post a score, so I will. There are still a couple of points where I'm struggling with the speed and can't keep up, but there is enough I can play to post a reasonable score. Intermediate lead - 93.9%
  10. Had a quick go at the beginner lead. Like @@Trevellyan82 I struggle with the bit at the end and the couple of other fast bits. Beg Lead - 91.75%
  11. Yo, Didd - that seems to be an philosophical issue. While the ones here prefer to stay in the lower class and make it sound perfect the others get the most advance in their journey being faced with songs slightly above their abilities. I consider myself in-between as i try to play my int class and whenever i have time the adv, too. However this and last weeks int songs are not on the easier int side.... If you wish to return to beg lead just start playing beginner class again, and as your score last week and now are <=79% you are gonna be downleveled next week. @@Mortalo @ @ - what do you think about simplifying the downleveling like that: one score <=79% (or no score) plus a "please level me down" post I do not remember anyone being downleveled in the last year (!) and it would make CCL list servicing easier. Hey @@Rodman, It's a difficult one. Based on previous scores, I seem to be sitting in that higher end beginner (difficulty 3) and lower end intermediate (diffculty 4). There is the odd beginner song that I find really hard, and the odd intermediate song that I find easy. I'm happy to work hard at a song, but there comes a point, generally for me with the difficulty 5's and 6's when the song is more than a bit above my level and the practice becomes counter productive because I'm not getting any improvement or success. In reality, if next weeks song is a 4 difficulty I'm likely to be able to post a score, but you can't set the difficulty of a class around one person. I actually think my issue is speed, and I need to work at it. I really struggled with Simple Plan - Jetlag, just due to the inability (even after learning the fast part) to keep up. Maybe I'm ok on a slower intermediate and struggle on a fast beginner. Whilst I've been battling for a while to get into intermediate and I'm frustrated that I'm likely to be downleveled, I wouldn't change the rules. Maybe the reality is that I'm not ready for intermediate yet, but at the same time, sometimes the beginner class is too easy.
  12. I know this isn't a valid score, but honestly I won't be able to post a score in intermediate. This is too difficult for me. I'll spend my time practising songs I can play rather than getting depressed trying to play songs that are way too advanced for me.
  13. Love both the beginners and intermediate songs this week. The difference is perhaps that I can play the beginners. The intermediate is going to be a struggle :) Love Metric and this song is one of their best Beg Lead - 99.3% Int Lead - 71% http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/36bc/l8uzxsjdfbd65iu6g.jpg
  14. Bugger, spent all week trying to post a beginner score, and after I did in the scoreboard I noticed that I'd been levelled up to intermediate. I haven't got any time, so I just had a couple of plays to post a score. There is some humour in the fact that I can post a better score in intermediate with two plays than I can in beginner with 200 plays :) I obviously need to work on my speed. Int Lead - 89% http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/19f8/y21pqqsnywbcqc96g.jpg
  15. Finally I managed to get through a run in lead without the difficulty dropping. I'm not sure how I did it, it felt like I was hitting random notes through the fast part, but I must have just managed enough. Beg Lead - 85%
  16. I can't post a score in the beginner lead section, the song is just too difficult, so just to keep my posting record I've had a crack at the rhythm. Beginner Rhythm - 98.17% http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/6915/l8immb2yej3adwj6g.jpg
  17. Thanks for the suggestion, but I am already using the mini barre. That's what got me from 80% speed to 90% speed, but I can't go any quicker than that. In all honesty, I've played intermediate 4's that are much easier than this. I normally struggle when I get to the 5's, and that's where this one feels it should be, although only for those quicker bits. If I could put in a decent score on this song then I think I'd belong in the intermediate class. Ignore any grumpiness though, I'm just frustrated with it :)
  18. I'm so frustrated with the beginner song. I can't even get through it in LAS without it dropping off of 100% difficulty in the fast part. It's even more frustrating as it's a song that means something to me. I was recently apart from and didn't see (other than skype) my wife and daughter for 18 months whilst I was in the UK and they were in NZ, I'd love to be able to play it for my daughter, but I just can't make my fingers work that fast. I'm hoping to be able to post a score by the end of the week, but it doesn't look good at the moment :(
  19. @@MaZtoR - Can I borrow your finger please :) At the moment I can play it somewhere between 85 & 90% speed. In fact I can do a complete run through at 85% with just a couple of missed notes. If I try at 90% though I miss huge numbers. I just can't keep up with the single note part. It is a fun song though, so I just need to suck it up and keep practising. Hopefully by the end of the week :)
  20. The new version of the beginner song is definitely better, but it still feels off in places. Then again it could easily be me. Beg Lead - 92.51% The int lead song is really fun to play and seems to be spot on with the recognition. Int Lead - 97.25%
  21. A thin covering of superglue over the cut works for me. It helps if you wait for the glue to dry before you grab hold of a pick though Disclaimer - I'm not a medical professional, try at your own risk :) Edit - Sorry just saw that Noony suggested the same thing.
  22. I'm finding the same thing. I don't seem to be able to get the note recognition working well in the beginner.
  23. This weeks been a bit busy, but I finally had a chance to get some practice in. Not really my cup of tea song wise, but still fun to play. Beg Lead - 99.21%
  24. This is one of those songs that even someone with 5 thumbs (like me) can feel like a rock god playing :) At least if I don't compare myself to anyone in the next classes up. Fun to play and puts a smile on my face. That's all that matters. Just a few misses. Beg lead - 98.63$ http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f85a/lddy8wkwswfz76o6g.jpg
  25. The Silverchair song is really fun to play :) Beg Lead - 96.58%
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