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Rocksmith 2014 Custom Font Generator
Using the Program
Basic usage should be pretty obvious. With "Display Bounding Rectangles" enabled, hovering over a character will display it in a tooltip (using the default UI font, which in Windows 10 is Segoe UI).

When you save a font, in addition to the DDS file, a glyphs.xml file is also saved. This file is required, so don't delete it. If you rename the DDS file, you must rename this file too.

If you install a new font while the program is running, you must restart it in order to see it in the list.

Using the Font in the DLC Builder

The custom font can be added when selecting a vocals arrangement.

When adding a Japanese vocals arrangement, if the filename contains "jvocals" (or "jlyrics"), and the project folder contains a file called "lyrics.dds", the custom font will be applied automatically.

Using the Font in the Toolkit

Edit a vocals arrangement, click the "..." next to the arrangement type to open the window where you can set the path to the custom font.

Word Spacing

As far as I know, you cannot change the space between words. The space character in the custom font is only used if it is included in the lyric itself. For example, in this picture "exist as it is" is a single "word":



In the texture file red means white/light gray and blue means black. The lyrics seem to be monochrome so different colors cannot be used. You could invert the colors but in that case the blue karaoke highlighting of the current syllable would be on the shadow:


Unicode Combining Characters

You should avoid combining characters and use precomposed characters if possible. If you have a combining character like "o̺" and also have a regular "o" in the lyrics, the game seems to pick the regular o.

This can be made to work by making changes to the lyrics file itself and I will add support for it if there is need.


  • Windows (or wine)
  • .NET Framework


Download at GitHub

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Version 1.2
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Wow, I didn't knew this was possible, I don't see a direct usage of this yet, maybe if you could 2 fonts in the same song, the fonts/colors can be used to indicate singer 1 and singer 2 (I know quite some bands that have 2 vocalists) Or it could be used to indicate clean vs screaming


But what you really need for the 2 vocalists problem, is 2 seperate vocal files shown, cause alot of the time they overlap, and sing 2 different parts over eachother, I could give you examples if you need XD

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Check out my Custom Inlays topic here

Customize those dots at fret 3, 5, 7,... with your favourite band logo!

Check out my Youtube channel here

Rock, Punk and Metal Rocksmith playthroughs, Just Dance Audio Swaps and Synthesia Piano Plays

 Rise Against DG - ADTR DG - Enter Shikari DG

Beartooth DG - Senses Fail DG - Just Dance Topic


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  • Developer

Using two (or more) fonts in one song is possible, I've been planning on trying it out sometime.


As for overlapping vocal parts, I don't think that there's anything that can be done.

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Uploaded a new version that fixes an issue of some characters not being included in the font because they were considered linguistically equivalent by the default string comparer, e.g. ー and 々.

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  • Developer

Uploaded version 1.1 with the following changes:

  • Made the program localizable and added Japanese and Finnish translations
  • Added the possibility to open .txt files in which case the program will generate a font from all the unique characters in the file
  • Added "Spacing Adjustment" setting to the advanced options. Lower this value if you think the characters are too far apart (although you won't know until you try the font in game)
  • Added option to use a dark theme
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  • iminashi changed the title to Custom Font Generator
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10 hours ago, QUAKE said:

is it possible to use this to overwrite the default font with one that scales better in 4k?

I don't know if that's possible, but it would require some modding in addition that this tool doesn't do.

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