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  1. The audio files are in songs.psarc for whatever reason.
  2. Java is needed to run the PS3 encrypt/decrypt tool included with the Toolkit. I've never used it so I don't know if it needs a specific version.
  3. DLC Builder only supports Wwise versions 2019 or 2021. For CDLC creation there's no need to get the GUI version of Wwise to work, just the CLI is needed. I don't see a Linux version on that site. Also, the macOS port is actually just the Windows version running on Wine.
  4. @ someotherbruce I made a Linux build of DLC Builder. Could you give it a try? I was able to build a working CDLC on my Mint VM. There may be issues with the automatic Wwise conversion. If the Wwise console path is left empty, it will try to find it from "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Audiokinetic". I cheated a bit and just copied the Wwise installation from my Windows machine and then installed the vc redist files from the prerequisites folder from the archive from https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cfsm/wwise and that was enough to get it working.
  5. Creating a Linux version of DLC Builder is possible, since most of it is cross-platform. The automatic Wwise conversion would need a new implementation via Wine though. I haven't provided a Linux version since I assumed that practically no-one would use it (though I think practically no-one uses the mac version either ) .
  6. I've uploaded a new version, which is probably the last one since the program I've been working on, DLC Builder (an alternative to the Toolkit's CDLC Creator tab) contains most of DDC Improver's functionality.
  7. It's probably got something to do with the equalizer settings. With just an amp with max bass and no mid/treble gives a red color.
  8. @firekorn I can't see your attachments, but that sounds like the bug that should be fixed in the next version. Give this build a try and see if it fixes it.
  9. Invisible notes are caused by an incorrect linknext status on the previous note on the same string. Looking at the XML, there are two such notes in the lead arrangement at 37.672 and 113.451.
  10. @@nick_beat One should install the .NET version that matches the Windows version. DDC Improver itself should work the same on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, though I've only tested it on 64-bit Windows 10.
  11. File -> Preferences -> Import/Export Check "Save separate Rocksmith 2 files".
  12. Additionally, the XML file in the project files (PART REAL_GUITAR) is for Rocksmith 1, not Rocksmith 2014.
  13. The exception originates in GetWwisePath, so it seems to be finding more than one 32-bit WwiseCLI.exe in the Wwise path.
  14. Based on the error message, did you check the obvious thing: that the file ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is in the Toolkit directory and not being blocked by Windows or some anti-virus software?
  15. v3.0 has been released. The place where the program configuration and logs are stored has been changed, so your settings will be reset to defaults when updating from v2.2. You may also delete the logs directory from the program folder when updating. The most prominent new feature is "Quick Remove DD", which I added since using the DDC tab in the Toolkit to remove DD always felt cumbersome to me. As an example, removing DD from all three arrangements from the AC/DC Powerage Full Album custom: With the Toolkit's DDC tab: ~1 min 45 sec With "Quick Remove DD": ~1 sec
  16. @@bwaredapenguin That's a bug in DDC that can happen if you begin a handshape that has both chords and notes on a note instead of a chord. A workaround is start the handshape at the first chord.
  17. I've got the file. I'll reupload it after I do some fixes to it.
  18. Uploaded version 2.2 which has a few new (minor) features. The Windows version now uses the new .NET Core 3.0 so you will need to have that installed. New Features: - "so" (Slide Out) custom event When placed on a chord that has an unpitched slide out, the program generates an empty handshape near the end of the slide. This will cause the fingers in the handshape to slide down or up with the slide. It is a minor effect that is sometimes used in oDLC (can be seen in the beginning of 25 or 6 to 4 for example).Though it is possible to manually create empty handshapes in EOF, DDC removes them. See the Help inside the program for more info. -"Anchor placeholder note" removingA new option that is enabled by default.Removes notes that have no other purpose in life than being a placeholder for anchors (FHP) for DDC.Like the rightmost note in this picture: http://i.imgur.com/pAQutC8.png This feature is mostly for the OCD people out there; I don't think it has much of an effect on the note detection. -Checking for the need to reset arrangement IDsA new option that is disabled by default.It is mostly for people who intend to update their CDLCs a lot and don't want people to lose their play stats. When enabled, the program will store the max difficulty levels and phrase names for each phrase in every arrangement.When processing a file, it compares the max difficulty levels of the phrases to the previous DD generation, and displays a warning if there are levels with the same phrase name but lower max difficulty. In this case it may be best to change the arrangement ID for that arrangement in order to prevent crashes in riff repeater for people who have played that arrangement at max difficulty before.
  19. Some oDLC, e.g. "Tie Your Mother Down", does use the full chord panel of the same chord inside the same handshape. Unfortunately there's currently no way of doing that in CDLC.
  20. For the font you'll need to use my font generator.
  21. Uploaded version 1.1 with the following changes: Made the program localizable and added Japanese and Finnish translationsAdded the possibility to open .txt files in which case the program will generate a font from all the unique characters in the fileAdded "Spacing Adjustment" setting to the advanced options. Lower this value if you think the characters are too far apart (although you won't know until you try the font in game)Added option to use a dark theme
  22. I'd like to point out that there's no need to edit the maingame.csv when you add custom tunings (unless you want to localize the text). You can just put the name straight into UIName, e.g: "UIName" : "B Drop A",
  23. Set it to arrangement.ArrangementPropeties.Represent? Is there a chance that it might not be set correctly at this point?
  24. There appears to be a bug when setting Representative in the header file. https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/blob/dfeda5a604de0d3fe7bacaf4699f78ebe8d0b74b/RocksmithToolkitLib/DLCPackage/Manifest2014/Header/AttributesHeader2014.cs#L142
  25. There's definitely something wrong with the template file since it has a vocals arrangement that's called "Lead". By removing and re-adding all the arrangements I was able to build a psarc that didn't crash.
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