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    Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul Studio (×2) , Ibanez Gio GAX30, a 60 years old Eko guitar i got from my grandpa, Hagstrom Fantomen, Soundsation Rocker, Fender Squirer Stratocaster, Traveler. Acoustics: Martin DCX2E, Stagg, Montana, and another one i can't recall. Classics- another no name i can't recall.
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    Fender Jaguar Bass (×2), Fender Squire precision
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    There are so many...
    Oasis, Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Queen, Radiohead, Ghost, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Alice In Chains, Rammstein, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi ...

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  1. I won the masterclass with the 98% score, right?
  2. Like this? 98% Accuracy in Fade to Black https://imgur.com/a/7gh0X6G
  3. I'm trying to upload an image and it says Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: You can only upload a total of 559.7 kB.)
  4. Well, if i'm in the Masterclass then let's keep it that way
  5. This song is so dope, such an amazing choice! And I was so happy to find a decent version of this song. Note that there are 3 wrong notes in the bass Chorus (When they say ''Where did we go wrong'') But other than that, it's def an easy and enjoyable song to play.
  6. It's gonna be a HUGE fight this week, Cause i've been playing Fade To black for like 3 years now!
  7. Hey! But I got a 103% score in Tears for fears -Head over Heels and 100% in James Blunt - Your'e Beautiful One victory is never enough
  8. Well, it's not fair 'cause I actually created these charts, but...
  9. Try using an acoustic-electric guitar for James Blunt rhythm guitar track. It'll be much easier for your fingers to fit. Plus, this is how the song is originally played.
  10. About the James Blunt song- I just created the sections in a fixed pattern, like, 2 sections in everey chorus if I remember correctly. I highly suggest you guys just retune your guitar AFTER attaching the capo. RS just has some problems detecting notes after using capos for some reason. I just pause the song before the songs start playin' and just retune my guitar with the precision tuner of the pause menu while the capo is on, making sure each note is as close as it could get to 0. Make sure the pitch is not too sharp. I actually got a 98% rhythm score in this song, so I don't think there's any bug or anything, it's just the RS note detector of the higher notes with the capo on.
  11. Great song by the way! But Epic is still my fav
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