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  1. No, it's not marked as Linknext. Would you mind if i send you the CDLC so you could see? I actually shared a link yesterday
  2. Anybody else had this problem before? I'm tryin' to upload a new Coldplay's Talk CDLC that I made, and some of the notes that appear to be fine on eof are just missing in the game, like RS doesn't show them on screen. I didn't mark any of them as ghost notes, and when i don't play them (since they're missing in the game) RS counts them as a "Missed" notes. Plus, some of the slides just don't have the brick shape, so they're just showed up as lines... Perhaps it's not an EOF error, but something with the ToolKit? I have no idea what to do, i worked so hard on this CDLC.
  3. Yeah, i figured this out. Is this new? Cause I just used to copy the url by far
  4. Hey guys, I'm tryin' to submit a CDLC and everytime i try to submit, it just keeps showimg the followimg message: Youtube links must in the format 'https://youtube.com/embed/video-id' What am i doing wrong? It was just fine 'till now...
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