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  1. I won the masterclass with the 98% score, right?
  2. Like this? 98% Accuracy in Fade to Black https://imgur.com/a/7gh0X6G
  3. I'm trying to upload an image and it says Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: You can only upload a total of 559.7 kB.)
  4. Well, if i'm in the Masterclass then let's keep it that way
  5. This song is so dope, such an amazing choice! And I was so happy to find a decent version of this song. Note that there are 3 wrong notes in the bass Chorus (When they say ''Where did we go wrong'') But other than that, it's def an easy and enjoyable song to play.
  6. It's gonna be a HUGE fight this week, Cause i've been playing Fade To black for like 3 years now!
  7. Hey! But I got a 103% score in Tears for fears -Head over Heels and 100% in James Blunt - Your'e Beautiful One victory is never enough
  8. Well, it's not fair 'cause I actually created these charts, but...
  9. Try using an acoustic-electric guitar for James Blunt rhythm guitar track. It'll be much easier for your fingers to fit. Plus, this is how the song is originally played.
  10. About the James Blunt song- I just created the sections in a fixed pattern, like, 2 sections in everey chorus if I remember correctly. I highly suggest you guys just retune your guitar AFTER attaching the capo. RS just has some problems detecting notes after using capos for some reason. I just pause the song before the songs start playin' and just retune my guitar with the precision tuner of the pause menu while the capo is on, making sure each note is as close as it could get to 0. Make sure the pitch is not too sharp. I actually got a 98% rhythm score in this song, so I don't think there's any bug or anything, it's just the RS note detector of the higher notes with the capo on.
  11. Great song by the way! But Epic is still my fav
  12. Lol, this is my first time competing here i'll just play it again and send another screenshot
  13. By the way, mine is counted as a 100% score, right? I havn't missed a single note, but for some reason it says 95% accuracy, while the main score went up to 100% as it should have been.
  14. Why don't you try playing the rhythm with an acoustic guitar? I just switch it to a clean tone with the tone stick and play with my electro-acoustic guitar. It might be easier for the fingers to fit this way.
  15. Really glad you guys enjoy my James Blunt cdlc. Since the last update, Iv'e added all of these slides to the vocal path, to make it more accurate, which makes it quite trickier. But yeah, this is a very easy song to play, great for begginers.
  16. Lol I might give it a try later. By the way, yeah sometimes RS has some bad recognition when U use capo. What I like to do in that case is to retune my guitar AFTER I attach the capo on I mean, literally retune my guitar by pressing the Space button while the capo is attached. It usually helps a bit.
  17. Oh Lol, well... It's my first time for participating, so... I've been playing this song for a while, that was my best score, but for some reason i can't get to anywhere near this anymore. Sometimes RS doesn't detect notes and chords that I play, so it just counts it as m "Missed" note, even though I play the right note. But for what i've seen, i'm not the only one it happens to. By the way, If I Had A Gun by Noel Gallagher was my CDLC, so thanks for sharring it, and i'm glad you like it
  18. My condolences on your lost, wishing U the best. I can't even imagine how hard that is. I'm sure your parents were proud of you for keeping this comunity alive. And I think I'm speaking on behalf of everyone who's part of this community when I say that we are proud of you as well.
  19. Well, I actually have a 98.5% lead score in Pearl Jam Rats track. But to be honest, I'm the one who actually made the CDLC , so I basically went through all of the notes one by one for a million times I also noticed that for some reason RS doesn't detect all the chords an' notes you play, even though you play it correctly, so that it's counted as a "Missed" note. Happens sometimes for example, if you play the third fret harmonics during intro, it would always give you a "Missed" note. I think RS has a problem sometimes detecting some "unusual" harmonics (like the ones that are in different frets other than the 5th 7th and 12th). But at least it sound good, and i'm glad you guys like it!
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