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Overall: (46/95)


Linking them all one by one seems alot of work, so here is the link to the artist page.

Green is done and video available.

Blue is only CDLC done.

Red is I 'Pyro' would love to make them in the somewhat close future.

But if you want to make them, go ahead, it would be nice someone helping with some SF customs.

Orange is tab available. Can be done

I would love to do other songs as well, but time >.>


My Youtube Playlist of most of the SF songs.


From The Depths Of Dreams (EP) (2002): (6/6) + 1/2 Bonus

Steven - Done - Video

Free Fall Without A Parachute - Done - Video

Blood Romance - Done - Video

Dreaming A Reality - Done - Video

The Ground Folds - Done - Video

One Eight Seven - Done - Video

Handguns And Second Chances (Bonus) - Done - Video

The Ground Folds Acoustic (Bonus)


Let It Enfold You (2004): (13/13) + 1/2 Deluxe

Tie Her Down - Done - Video

Lady In A Blue Dress - Done - Video

You're Cute When You Scream - Done - Video

Buried A Lie - Done - Video

Bite To Break Skin - Done - Video

Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning - Done - Video

Slow Dance - Done - Video

Choke On This - Done - Video

NJ Falls Into The Atlantic - Done - Video

Let It Enfold You - Done - Video

Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday - Done - Video

Angela Baker And My Obsession With Fire - Done - Video

Martini Kiss - Done - Video

Institutionalized (Deluxe) - 

American Death (Deluxe) - Done - Video


Still Searching (2006): (13/13) + 1/6 Deluxe

The Rapture - Done - Video

Bonecrusher - Done - Video

Sick Or Sane - Done - Video

Can't Be Saved - Done - Video

Calling All Cars - Done - Video

Shark Attack - Done - Video

Still Searching - Done - Video

To All The Crowded Rooms - Done 

Lost And Found - Done - Video

Every Day Is A Struggle - Done - Video

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues -  Done - Video

Negative Space - Done - Video

The Priest And The Matador - Done - Video

Battle Hymn (Deluxe) - (text tab)

Champagne (Deluxe) - (text tab)

Stretch Your Legs To Coffin Length (Deluxe) - (text tab)

Mason's Revenge (Deluxe) - 

Cinco De Mayo (Deluxe) - Done

Salvation (Deluxe) - 


Life Is Not A Waiting Room (2008): (8/12) + 0/3 Bonus

Fireworks At Dawn - Done - Video

Lungs Like Gallows - Done - Video

Garden State - Done - Video

Family Tradition - Done - Video

Wolves At The Door - Done

Hair Of The Dog - 

Four Years - 

Ali For Cody - Done - Video

Yellow Angels - Done - Video

Chandelier - (text tab)

Map The Streets - Done - Video

Blackout - (text tab)

Life Is Not A Waiting Room (Bonus) -

DB Cooper (Bonus) - 

Coming Up Short (Bonus) - 


The Fire (2010): (3/11) + 0/1 Bonus

The Fire -  Done - Video

Saint Anthony - (gp)

New Year's Eve - Done - Video

Safe House - 

Coward - 

Landslide - 

Headed West - 

Lifeboats -  Done

Nero - 

Irish Eyes - 

Hold On - 

Ghost Town (Bonus) - 


Follow Your Bliss: The Best Of Senses Fail (2012): (16/16 Collection) + 0/4 Bonus

Wolves At The Door - 

Can't Be Saved - 

Lungs Like Gallows - 

Buried A Lie - 

Shark Attack - 

Lady In A Blue Dress - 

The Fire - 

Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning - 

Calling All Cars - 

Bite To Break Skin - 

The Priest And The Matador - 

Bloody Romance - 

Family Tradition - 

You're Cute When You Scream - 

New Years Eve - 

One Eight Seven - 

War Paint (Bonus )- 

Vines (Bonus) - 

Early Graves (Bonus) - 

Waves (Bonus) - 


Renacer (2013): (4/12)

Renacer - Done - Video

Holy Mountain - Done - Video

Mi Amor - Done - Video

Closure/Rebirth - (text tab)

The Path - (text tab)

Canine - (text tab)

Glass - 

Ancient Tombs - 

Frost Flower - 

Snake Bite - 

Courage Of The Knife - 

Between The Mountain And The Sea - 


Pull The Thorns From Your Heart (2015): (0/11)

The Three Marks Of Existence - 

Carry The Weight - 

The Courage Of An Open Heart - 

Wounds - 

Take Refuge - 

Surrender - 

Dying Words - 

The Importance Of The Moment Of Death - 

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart - 

We Are All Returning Home - 

My Fear Of An Unlived Life - 


If There Is Light, It Will Find You (2018): (2/12)

Double Cross - Done

Elevator To The Gallows

New Jersey Makes, The World Takes

Gold Jacket, Green Jacket... - Done

First Breath, Last Breath

Ancient Gods

Is It Gonna Be The Year?

"You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense"

Orlando And A Miscarriage

Shaking Hands

Stay What You Are

If There Is Light, It Will Find You

Check out my Custom Inlays topic here

Customize those dots at fret 3, 5, 7,... with your favourite band logo!

Check out my Youtube channel here

Rock, Punk and Metal Rocksmith playthroughs, Just Dance Audio Swaps and Synthesia Piano Plays

 Rise Against DG - ADTR DG - Enter Shikari DG

Beartooth DG - Senses Fail DG - Just Dance Topic


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