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What do you guys play; Lead, Rhythm or Base guitar?


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I have to say I play lead mostly, but do play rhythm when its needed, and also dabble a bit with the bass sometimes.

My instrument of choice is an LTD ECT-1000/CT, and it's white of course!

Also have a BC RICH Warlock, and an ASM-1

My acoustic is my Seagull Drednought.


If anyone wants to see pics, id be happy to post them.


Also, have to say... way to go Unleashed2k, I followed your customs a lot over at Smithy, so I'm happy to see you take charge after that whole mess went down over there.


Kudos to you my man!

Talk louder.....I'm blind you moron......

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Iv'e played at guitar for most of my life .I never really distinguished between rhythm or lead, since i played both.  My main guitar is a Schecter Jeff Loomis signature series



I have this set up for a bit heavier sound, and use a custom guage set of strings (.009/.011/.016/.026/.42/.056/.066)


for rocksmith, i






for rocksmith, or songs where i have to change the tuning often, i use an Ibanez RG120 that i have done quite a bit of work on, 

This isnt my guitar, but its the closest i could find that it looks like .. (mine is red)




I have this strung with Super Slinkies, (09-42) Mine has a standard trem, that has been blocked off.  


For bass, i have a Peavey BXP 




I have this strung with GHS Boomers 50-115s, i use this for songs that are lower tuned.


my latest guitar is a Schecter Omen Extreme 4 bass



its strung with 45-105s and is my main instrument while my hands heal .. 

(side note .. holy crap that image is huge!.. for those of you on a phone .. im terribly sorry)

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I had an acoustic in college, but never got much further than simple chords & a few easy riffs. Then a few years ago I discovered a whole community of people who met up in practice studios & played covers, so I went out & got an electric & started joining those. I pretty much played only the rhythm parts, since I didn't have the skill (or confidence, heh) to play any solos. When RockSmith came out, I generally stuck to the default 'combo' arrangement (the 1-note & chord arrangements usually weren't very interesting), unless the solo was particularly fast/shreddy (Hangar 18 XD), where I'd switch to 'Combo 2' or whatever didn't have the solos in. For 2014, I usually leave in on Rhythm, unless a song doesn't have it, or the solo is slow/easy enough. Last month I picked up a bass & started doing that, too, so now it's pretty much all parts, unless they're just plain too difficult.

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Been playing for about 5-6 years now and I play mostly rhythm.  Not sure if it is a personality thing but I just don't like playing lead....is that weird?

Although I do like to throw in some solos every now and again.


Ricka, GAS nearly ends my marriage when I walk in with something new!!


Yeah, I try to "sneak" most new things in to preserve domestic tranquility.  But, she doesn't do that with clothes, purses or shoes!

Rick Abshier



Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute

Fender Short Scale Jazz Bass

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Yeah, I try to "sneak" most new things in to preserve domestic tranquility.  But, she doesn't do that with clothes, purses or shoes!


Yeah, funny how that works, eh? The wife has 50 pairs of shoes... I "only" have 9 guitars.


But I fund all of my gear purchases with sales of old gear, so it doesn't cost "us" anything.

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I play Bass


I now have a Dean HIllsboro 09 and Ibanez TRB 70(got rid of my washburn, looking to get a new one in the next few months) Right now I have the Ibanez tuned in E and my dean in Eb


Posted Image

It's good to know that everyone I idolize at one time or another in their career was where I am right now.


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  • 6 months later...

I'm new around here, and have only had the two Rocksmith titles since Christmas, but I've been playing bass off and on since the spring of 1980. I still own my '79 MusicMan Stingray I bought new back then, though I don't play it all that often anymore (actually, my nephew is using it at the moment. lol). My main bass these days is a 6 string Ibanez Prestige 1006 EBG that I bought a few years back. I absolutely love the tone of this bass. I also have a second 6 string bass that I often use to practice with. It's an Ibanez 506 and has a similar neck profile to my main bass. Other basses I own are a Variax 705, a 60's era Hofner copy, and a few inexpensive Fretless basses. I own 4, 5, and 6 string fretless basses. All are inexpensive pieces I picked up at Rondo Music. 2 are SX's, one is a Douglas. I also own one guitar. It's an Ibanez Artcore I bought used. I also plan to eventually use that with Rocksmith to help improve my guitar playing, both Rhythm and lead.


By far my favorite style of music to play is Progressive Rock. Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, ELP, UK, Gentle Giant, Jeff Beck, and Kansas is the type of stuff I jam with my friends when we get together and play these days. Throw in some Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Steely Dan, and you get an idea where my musical tastes lie. I am also a fan of some of the more modern Prog groups, like Porcupine Tree, Crucible, Transatlantic, Aeryon, Liquid Tension Experiment, Spock's Beard, and of course Steven Wilson's solo project. If you couldn't tell, Prog is my favorite style of music. hehe...


Here's a pic of my main bass I play these days...




Are those black tapewound strings? I have some on my washburn acoustic bass.


I played guitar for 6 months and was making really slow progress but picked up bass 3 months ago and can play way more complex thing on bass than guitar already (:.

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