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  1. Sorry I haven't been around much, this is my busy time of year. Lots to do on the farm and contracting. I barely have time to practice. :-)
  2. First album was Van Hallen on vinyl First Concert was Ozzy Osborne Diary of a Madman tour
  3. I have been very busy myself, spring summer and fall are very busy times for me.
  4. Yep not in this week either, good luck all.
  5. I don't think I'm playing this week, not interested in learning any of these songs, I have some I'm working on and don't want to take away from that time.
  6. Axl made more enemies then just his own band. While it may be disappointing to some that they wont play together, I personally can see the point. I think it is might be considered selfish to ask the rest of the band members to be forced to be around him again just so the fans could have some more of their music. Axl is a miserable person to be around according to all the stories and when you tour and work on music together the atmosphere must be that of nearly family. I saw them live and was so disappointed in the concert because of Axl's terrible live singing. Between Metallica and Guns and Roses Metallica blew them out of the water live and that was mainly because of Axl, Honestly they are all better off playing with out him. Just my opinion.
  7. @@madrebel Yep those are tough ones but eventually I will get there myself. Working on my speed always :-)
  8. @@Altamont-613 Those are great rules, guess I can't play the blues I have at least 2 of those. :)
  9. @@Szur sorry to hear about your finger that really sucks. Good luck though I'm going to shoot for 100% on this one just haven't taken much time with it yet. If it's any consolation I'm doing my first work for the season outside and I'm sore and my left arm keeps going numb. Nothing like a cut finger though.
  10. Okay here we go, first upload, I will work on it some more, I'm working on two other songs right now also. I need to get a better streak in this song and practice a couple of spots.
  11. @@GetTheLedOut That's a nice score on that song. I'm at around 60% after 2 try's. :eek: I'm thinking that working my way up the ladder of difficulty with Zep will increase my speed over all. I'm now playing Gallows Pole at about 95% at 90% speed I was practicing today at 97% so I'm getting there. The more I push myself with Zep the better my playing is getting across the board. 2 Hr's of Gallows Pole today and few others just to give my arm a rest, I'm done for the night I will hit it again in the morning.
  12. @@GetTheLedOut My attempt at the Lemon song leaves far too much to be desired right now. Almost have the bulk of Gallows pole down that last section is pretty fast for me but I'm hoping to post a score from that one this weekend. The thing I like about JPJ is you can play the song once you have the main rifts down, now emulating exactly how he played it or at least how it's tabbed is another story. I did hear in an interview with him when he was asked how do people do when creating tabs for your songs, do they get it right? He laughed a little and said "never". LOL Which could go either way for me.
  13. I was actually trying this song several months ago and I gave up on it when I found some other songs I wanted to work on. I have the hard parts at 93% speed but still can't hit it at 100%. I will work on it but here is where I am now.
  14. I hope it's a good thread, The lemon song huh, I think that may be a while lol I'm really looking forward to seeing some video's of people playing. I don't have the set up to make videos right now.
  15. I will start I know these are some of the easier songs for bass from Zeppelin but it's where I'm at right now.
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