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Favorite Strings to Use?


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on the elctric Darco 010-046 , tried a lot of different ones, didnt find em that different ...all nickel shit...so i buy the cheapest

On the acoustic MArtin SP 3050 011.. triyng some coated ones... as a sweat a lot, and especially the h and high e, gets dark and loses tone FAST

trying DR dragonskin (even though VERY expensive)

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I've started using these:




You really can't go wrong for £0.78 for a set. They're not the best strings in the world for obvious reasons lol, and you'll need to change them every week or two but they're ridiculously cheap so it's not a big deal. I'd definitely recommend them if you're on a budget.



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Most of the Time i use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom


 I just bought these for my electric guitar. So far I like them but I haven't really tried them out. On my bass I am using D'Addario ETB92. They are black and tapewound and play really well.I think I will only use these strings from now on.

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I use the guts of dragons i slay to create bass strings that sound deeper than the halls of Valhalla and the hair of fair maidens i have shagged for my electric guitar strings (altho so far i can only manage 1 single string for a ukulele  :oops:, i need to get more fit).


But other than that Ernie Ball ;).

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For my headless D'Addario ESXL125's I don't have a lot of options for that guitar. For now, all my others have D'Adadario 120's on them. They seem to last me a good while. But I have used MANY different brands. I guess I just got tired of GHS Boomers.

 I'm Allergic To Stupidity. I Break Out In Sarcasm.

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I currently have EB skinny top heavy bottom on my guitar, but I liked the ones I had on before better which were DAs EXL116 (11-52 nickel wound)

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November 11, 2013.


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Honestly, they're more gimmicky than anything, but I'm a sucker for that.  They look hella cool under a black light.


My 7 year old finds them helpful when playing RS.


Wow! Never seen those coloured strings before, do you find that they are helpful when playing RS or do they just look good. Thinking about bying a pack.


The best price I've seen for them is on Amazon.

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