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  1. Can't stop Ignition preview play, clicking on pause button brings up overlay with song details. Clicking on another song play button start another track without stopping previous one. Tried on latest versions of Chrome, Yandex Browser, Firefox (firefox does not even playing song, brings up overlay at once)
  2. Like it's done on sites like Deviantart. I'm, for example, love songs with good interesting arpeggios, but to find them among thouthands of songs... is difficult to say the least :) And to see what groups added song that i like into their favorites list will help. More instruments to narrow search parametrs are always good for the users. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. It seems that question is covered in one of pinned topics, but just in case - can i use all of it without fear of being banned? Even imported songs from first Rocksmith? Do DRM even check if you own a song? I have R2014+Cherub rock.
  4. donated 5$ on April 1st and another 5 today. Another donation only on release of Search 3.0 :)
  5. well, i heard there will be at least download counter or approved section. It's just chaos as it is right now. Especially when you not very knowledgeable in music bands as myself
  6. offtop: most powerful stimul to donate will be when you release Search 3.0, with rating system. Because as it is right now - it's useless. to many junk to search for good song. So in a month i downloaded like 3 songs only
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