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  1. I have tried to sync the tab parts in EOF but it just doesn't do well with me so i find it easier to import from Go Play Along . i have done a few songs but the import wont load and i have traced it back to the origonal tab being .GPX and not .GP5 is there a way of converting gpx to gp5 as the songs i am doing there isn't a gp5 etc tab
  2. i want a 2nd cable for 2 player on rocksmith - do i need another real tone cable or will any USB guitar ;lead work as i have seen them on ebay for less that £10 ? not rocksmith but does anyone have any knoledge of Blackstar Core Id amps and the insider software ? cannot get the software to recognise the amp and their forum is long dead
  3. sorry if this is in the wrong area or if i have missed something as i dont log on very often. On the facebook groups you are likely to be removed from some groups for the use of "cdlc" etc . However i noticed last night that on Steam there is a link and guides to making your own cdlc. Has something changed or has that always been there ?
  4. yes i sorted it out Did a few customs for myself Fool for your lovin -Whitesnake Black Rose - Thin Lizzy Mean Street - Van Halen
  5. there's no wav file in there I will have a look at it today and check that file preferances are correct thanks for the reply
  6. i am using go play along for getting the notes in sync then opening EOF saving the file etc when i open WWise i cannot find the WAV file a what am i overlooking ?
  7. thanks pc you are one of my heroes on here as your song choice is often a little off the wall to say the least makes a nice change from metal and other such things as my music choice kinda stops after 1997 ish
  8. thanks guys i had another go and now having a working cdlc of Lil Devil by the Cult It's not of postable quality tbh but it will do as a play along
  9. its okay i have given up tried again from scratch but just cannot get the tab to line up with the wave thats why i stopped trying 12 months ago when i did this one it must have been complete luck
  10. I have managed to create a cdlc well nearly I followed the excellent you tube guide and i thought all was well but when i tried a play through you can see the chart coming then it stops as if its the end of the song any suggestions as to where i have gone wrong
  11. did that this week to get some of the origonal downloads :) finally got hold of ballroom blitz and gold on the ceiling :D
  12. i have been playing rock n roll damnation and whoever did this custom did a fantastic job of getting the pitch spot on - other acdc songs from that era have also been done but they are not flat or 440hz , so if i play rock damnation then go to play sin city to get around retuning i just apply a little pressure on the string just past the nut you only have to hit the pitch for a very small time
  13. i want a tuner for xmas what i want is a tuner that will tell me what pitch i am in what i need is concert pitch is 440 but some acdc stuff is 428 etc as a lot of cdlc dont have the right pitch but it makes you tune to the cdlc pitch - then i can use the tuner once i have paused the song i hope this is clear enough
  14. any stevie ray vaughan , albert king etc
  15. would just like to say a big big thank you to all the people who post their work on here for us to download . I have tried making my own a few times but just can't master it and i'm guilty of downloading and not leaving any feedback in the thread :wacko: so big thank you people and keep it up as it is appreciated
  16. personally i like the DD , some time ago someone posted up some malmsteen tunes with no DD and i thought jeez guys why haven't you put in in to give some of us at least a fightiing chance !! in that comment do i in anyway wish to sound ungrateful to who posted them up ( I am a viking and disciples of hell) really great work guys
  17. thanks for this i was asking in the chat and got no joy . My problem was the audio settting
  18. i am not technically gifted as far as pc's go but my graphic card blew a few weeks ago and ahd to use the onboard stuff and rocksmith wouldnt run. bought a card with 2gb capability - £50 now rocksmith runs fine -
  19. set up is all important, but a more espensive guitar should or could -me made to better tolerances - better materials ie wood and quality or parts - bridge machine heads etc and also the fresh from factory set up . Many years ago fender strats that were USA made always seemed a giant leap from a made in mexico versions and that was down to set up . Personally spending upwards of £600 will get a quality product
  20. got a new graphic card today all is well !!!!
  21. i think its the graphic card - thats now been binned and the onboard stuff isnt up to it will be in a better place when i get a new card thanks for the reply - tower by the way not laptop
  22. just to add to this i have downloaded the d3d file for using cdlc's the patch box that opens i am getting amessage saying could not open file /data etc
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