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  1. I just bought these for my electric guitar. So far I like them but I haven't really tried them out. On my bass I am using D'Addario ETB92. They are black and tapewound and play really well.I think I will only use these strings from now on.
  2. My first and only electric guitar Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro in Silverburst. Bought this as a Christmas present to myself! My first and only bass Ibanez AEB5E Bought this to see if I would even like to play bass and now prefer it over my guitar. My first and only acoustic Alvarez 6 string. Stole this from my brother 20+ years ago and have always loved playing it.
  3. Pretty much Rocksmith 2012 and 2014 and CS:Source. I have a bunch of games that I thought I would play but just never ended up playing them.
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