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  1. History You all knew that tabs used beats(BPM anchors -vertical white lines in eof) for sync chart with audio. You know where you can get this BPM values for the song(even EOF can do that, just click BPM - > Estimate BPM -> OK). But when you deal with floatingUn-staticVariable BPM you better bless god that in this song BPM changes won't be more than 4-5 times, cause you know Tool songs and there very creative drummer so we got this kind of issue. How to Solve it? Use this software with presets that I recommend and you'll get 98% accuracy on generating BPM map(aka Beat Map) NOTE
  2. Hey everyone! I've been wanting to create a tutorial like this for some time, and I finally got around to it :) Hopefully some of you will find it helpful, and feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have: For further insights into using the spectrogram, you can refer to @@albatross213 's post here (sorry for the numeric dyslexia when I mentioned your name in the video). Also, would anyone like to see any other EoF- based tutorials? If so, which topics would be the most helpful to you? Let me know here
  3. I am working on a Troubled Times CDLC. After starting from scratch and finishing it, I created a preview audio file then converted it and the song file in Wwise. When I opened it in Rocksmith, the preview was nothing but loud, random noise. Trying to play the song didn't work either; the fretboard loaded but the song never started. It just idled there for about 5 seconds then acted like the song was over. I have tried re-compiling, re-creating each arrangement, re-converting in Wwise, re-arranging the starting phrases. Quite simply, I am at a loss. If anyone can assist me, that would be grea
  4. So I have tried to do a bunch of CDLC, yet they are all out of sync when I import them into EoF. In Guitar Pro they are all correct synced and have correct BPM, yet the BPM from the tab doesn't get imported into EoF. Is dragging the notes so they line up with the song really the only option? I'm trying to do black metal songs where there is a lot of tremolo picking so lining everything up is very hard. Also sometimes when I "Undo" if I made a mistake, the program crashes and I have to start everything over.
  5. I'm having a lot of trouble with a song that's around 10 minutes long. I can't get it to sync at all in EOF and any time I adjust it I just run in to more problems. Was hoping to find some help on this and see what other people did in this situations. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, i'm having trouble importing the xml files from my Spit Out The Bone custom from Metallica, i have this message, can anyone help me? http://i.imgur.com/oYeHeVQ.jpg
  7. Hi, I create a song in GP5 using a 70 BPM tempo. When I ask EOF to estimate the bet, it says 140. So I have some options: a) Fix GP5 source to be at 140 BPM but that requires restructuring the entire song. Is there an easy way to do that? b) Change the tempo in EOF to be 70 BPM instead of 140. That will allow me to align with my song, but what happens when it's time to play it? Other ideas? Thanks, L
  8. I run EoF (yes I have latest and Hotfix) and it manages to open. I get the little editor box with a gray canvas and thats it. If I CTRL ALT DEL and go to task manager sometimes the gray canvas loads, and I can interact with mouse hover but as soon as I click it freezes again. Even the taskbar upon clicking crashes immediately.
  9. This will be spread across multiple posts for reasons of organization. For a while a lot of the posts will just be placeholders, but I'll eventually fill things out. This will be pretty comprehensive, and I hope touch on some things that aren't addressed in other tutorials, and also bring together a lot of accumulated knowledge that's now scattered across this site. It will also be in mostly text and pictures, simply because it's easier to update text and pictures than video, and probably less time-consuming overall for both me and you. I'll probably be skipping some of the more basic things
  10. Hi all, my name is Peter and this is my first post to the forum. First I'd like to say that I really appreciate the work you put into this! Big thanks! I'm really new to things like EoF or the BPR-Tool that I found by reading through the topics. So I tried to import a song and just to get familiar with the programs, I thought it's a good start to just split a CDLC that is one big piece into a bunch of smaller pieces for the Riff-Repititor after reading the tuorials. Easier said than done... I'm not able to get a working result :( I tried with the BPR-Tool and managed to split the song wher
  11. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. Recently I've been working on charting a song that's in drop D. There's three different guitarists, the latter of the which shows up for a solo in the end. I've been working on putting the "main" parts of each of the guitars all into one tab so that people playing will get the full experience of all of the solos. However, in the last solo, he's tuned in Eb Standard. Is there some way I can change the tab around, or change some sort of settings in EoF to help adapt for this? I admittedly don't know that much about guitars, or tuning for that mat
  12. The slide in EoF http://i.imgur.com/MA0jkwE.png The slide in game http://i.imgur.com/jj910Nv.png The slide is working perfectly in game however it won't be displayed. The same thing occurs with chord bends. The bend is there but it isn't displayed (nor the sustain). Is there a solution for this?
  13. I'm a little upset, I was just about to finish my song up and after I made a few tweaks and tested it in game, it started to show all the chords separately as seen in the images. However in EOF, I changed nothing about the notes. Does anyone know why this happened or how to fix this and display them as they usually are, I've never had this problem before. Also I am using EOF version 1.8RC10 (r1337) with no hotfix. (The hotfix brakes my EOF and it wont launch) Any help would be great. http://i.imgur.com/x3mbt9T.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eFG48Dj.png http://i.imgur.com/tec7gQf.png
  14. I'm trying to figure out how to display phrases like this the most cleanly (assume a "let ring" there): Ideally, I'd like the arpeggio/handshape functionality to display the 1 & 3 fingers at the first & second frets throughout the whole 4-chord sequence, while keeping the standard chord boxes, but this doesn't appear to work. With no handshape/arpeggio marks, the result is as expected, with "different" chords showing up for the 10 & 02 blocks, and the fingerings appearing & disappearing per chord: If I add ghost notes to fill them out, the fingerings still don't displa
  15. I'm new to CDLC. I would prefer to start spending my gaming time on CDLC creation. Let me start but saying EoF is awesome. To say the least as a total novice I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with EoF and figuring out how to use it. I have a few questions. What language and application is EoF coded in? I would like to help the developer create a more user friendly UI. I have DL'd the source code but I have not used this language before. Can EoF be updated to use GP6 tabs?Playing pointless shooter games and the like is getting very old. I'd rather send all that time doing something cr
  16. Hey there, pretty new to editing/creating cdlc files so I'm pretty lost. Some songs in my library that I've downloaded don't have any riff repeater sections, making certain parts difficult to learn. I've been playing around with eof and the rocksmith toolkit to try and edit files to include sections but to little avail. Has anyone tried doing this? Thanks for any help Edit: Found a tool that does exactly what I need to do. It can also sync up notes if need be! It's called the BPR tool and it super easy to use. Here is a link: http://customsforge.com/topic/15687-beats-phrases-resynchronizer/p
  17. Hey guys, working on my first CDLC and somewhere along the way, through the versions, i seem to have picked up some funky fingering. Is there a way to remove it all, without having to go through the song note by note ?
  18. Hey Guys, I have a song with an intro which leads into the main song but these are two separate Guitar Pro files, is there any way to import these into Editor On Fire without overwriting each other? The obvious answer seems to just merge them into one Guitar Pro file and then import. Thanks.
  19. Is it possible to author a slide after a sustain in EOF using GP tie notes? I have this Guitar Pro tab: http://i.imgur.com/HWW9w4i.png As shown in the notation, I want to sustain the double stop 5xx6 for a sixteenth, then slide to 12xx13 during the course of an eighth, play that double stop, then sustain again. It's a 'Shift Slide', not a 'Legato Slide'. However, when I import the tab into EOF, I get this: http://i.imgur.com/jIM0qlm.png As you can see, EOF seems to have read the tie notes as actual played notes, which I don't want. Could anyone help out? This issue has been bothering me
  20. Greetin's, everyone. I've recently started working on my first chart in EOF (latest version/patch). Most of it seems straight forward, but as I've been working on the song, I've encountered several things I've had questions on. If anyone could provide answers, I'd appreciate them a bunch! For hammer-ons, should I use the >Note>HOPO>Toggle hammer on, or should I instead use Note>Pro Guitar>Toggle tapping? When a chord is required to slide (in this case a power chord), I've noticed that after going to Pro Guitar > Slide > Toggle Slide Down, and then Guitar > Slide >
  21. http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-1249.jpg?_r=1396181030Magna Charterhttp://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/bullet_black.pnghttp://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/bullet_black.pnghttp://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/bullet_black.pnghttp://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/bullet_black.pnghttp://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/bullet_black.pnghttp://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/bullet_black.png604 posts29 thanks0 warning points@MentionADD PASTE TO LYRICS ENTRY - WTF STILL CAN'T YEARS LATER... IM
  22. Hello I'm trying to do a custom for "Procrastination Bass'in" from Rob Scallon I synced the track on GoPlayAlong, when i try to import the XML i get this error https://www.dropbox.com/s/zmtb0hvgtprtsik/Untitled.png?dl=0 Can you guys help me please?
  23. My query is rather simple, though I'm not too knowledged in working with EoF - I unpacked a CDLC pack in hopes to add sections, instead of only having the entire song as one big mass (for Dynamic Difficulty purposes). Problem is, the notes start 3 seconds in due to the leading silence. I want to shift all of the notes down to the beginning of the chart reel without losing the beat of the song, which has subtle change. Essentially, I want to eliminate the leading silence. Is there a way to accomplish this that I'm not noticing? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!
  24. I have a mem file that seems to play a part in how I am allowed to edit my CDLCs and it's been slowing me down A LOT. Anyone know a fix or way to keep the file from coming back?
  25. Recently I've been doing a lot of using EOF and the toolkit to transcribe bass arrangements in exotic tunings (Drop C, Eb Drop Db, C# Standard, etc.) into B Standard for use on a 5 string bass. This generally works well. Open up the audio in EOF, import the Rocksmith arrangement, change the tuning, and EOF gives the option to automatically transcribe notes. That works great for many songs, but it always tries to keep notes on the same string. Sometimes, that makes chords/double stops impossible (without tapping I guess) due to the gap between frets getting too large, or can make sequenti
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